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Geography and Climate

Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan province and is the provincial political and economic center. It borders the Yellow River to its north while Mt. Song to its west, about 760 km south away from Beijing. Located in the middle of China, the city is an important trans-station on the famous Longhai Railway and Jingjiu Raiway. Thus the city has become one of the most crucial transportation hubs in northern China. Zhengzhou has a population of 7.35 million and the city area covers more than 7440 square kilometers.

Zhengzhou has a temperate climate with moderate precipitation of 680 millimeters and seasonal features. The annual average temperature is about 14 centi-degrees; the hottest month is in July while the coldest is in January. Spring and autumn are the best seasons for tourism.

History and Tourism

Chinese Kong Fu has been brought to the whole world by the famous of Bruce Lee and many foreign visitors come to China to fulfill their Kong Fu dreams. With the renowned Shaolin Temple situated at the foot of Mt. Song which is the cradle of Shaolin Kong Fu, the city becomes a destination for those who fancy the Chinese Kong Fu. Known as one of the eight most notable ancient capitals in China, Zhengzhou has a history of more than 3500 years. The city was first chosen as the capital of Shang Dynasty when porcelain and bronze smelting were comparatively developed. A green ceramic glaze pot unearthed and exhibited in the city’s museum has been shown to be the most ancient porcelain in China. Another famous attraction is the Songyang Suyuan which is one of the noble lands of Confucianism and the most reputed ancient educational institute. With a long history, there are also numerous historical ruins like ancient tombs and battle sites left in Zhengzhou.

To give a push on its tourism industry, the government in Zhengzhou has carried on many projects for facilitating the development of the business. Nowadays, you can find various grades of hotels inside or near the city. Also, several subway lines are being constructed at the moment and are expected to be started using in the near future.


There are numerous reputed universities in Zhengzhou raging from comprehensive universities to various professional technology colleges. Jiangnan University is the most renowned one in the region.