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Shijiazhuang is the capital city of Hebei province in central north China. It borders on Hengshui to the east, Shanxi province to the west and Baoding to the north. The city stands on the edge of the North China Plain at the foot of Taihang Mountains, about 320km south of Beijing. Shijiazhuang used to be called the ‘Shimen’ based on its Chinese pronunciation, which means the ‘rock door’ in English. It is now a modern city facilitates with convenient transportation system, abundant tourism resources and rich mixture of historical heritages.

Economy and Culture

Shijiazhuang is a city with development potential. It is the economic center of Heibei province and has the largest base for the pharmaceutical industry and is also one of the most critical textile industry bases. Shijiazhuang is also a transportation hub in north China and it is a transfer station on the renowned Jingguang railway.

Besides economic development, the city has also applied to a cultural focused policy. There are many professional art troupes in Shijiazhuang and many forms of art like Peking opera and Hebei Bangzi, a local opera in Heibei, has been progressed substantially. As a young industrial city, Shijiazhuang is also famous for its rock cultures. Lots of underground rock bands are active in pubs of the city.


Hebei Normal University is the most reputed educational institution in this region and it is among the top 50 of China’s universities.