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MBBS in China

2015 September Intake English Taught MBBS/ BDS Programs Now Open

Here SICAS recommended the popular medical universities for you to choose for 2015 September Admission Session.

According to the latest news of  MOE (Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China), the total number of 2015 enrollment English Taught MBBS / BDS students will decreased from nearly 6,000 to 3,500.

The vacancies may be limited. You are suggested to apply as early as possible.  

The following school is ranking according to their popularity, you can click  the courses to get more information and start online application.

SICAS Recommended MOE Listed University (MBBS Program)

City University Program Tuition Fee
Shenyang China Medical University MBBS in English-Autumn Intake RMB 40000/Year
Jinan Shandong University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English)  RMB 45000/Year
Jinzhou Liaoning Medical University Clinical Medicine(MBBS) RMB 32000/Year
Xuzhou Xuzhou Medical University MBBS (In English) RMB 28000/year
Nanjing Southeast University Clinical Medicine(MBBS in English) RMB 32800/Year
Ningbo Ningbo University MBBS (In English) RMB 25000/Year
Zhenjiang Jiangsu University MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of RMB 30000/Year
 Surgery in English)
Changchun Jilin University MBBS Program (in English) RMB 29000/Year
Dalian Dalian Medical University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 40000/Year
Wuhan Wuhan University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 32000/Year
Xi'an Xi'an Jiaotong University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 40000/Year
Wuhan Huazhong University of  Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 40000/Year
Science and Technology
Shihezi Shihezi University MBBS in English-Autumn Intake RMB 25000/Year
Soochow Soochow University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 35000/Year
Fuzhou Fujian Medical University MBBS in English (Clinical Medicine) RMB 30000/Year
Xiamen Xiamen University MBBS in English - Autumn Intake RMB 38000/Year
Jiamusi Jiamusi University MBBS(Clinical Medicine in English) RMB 22000/Year
Jilin Beihua University MBBS (in English) RMB 21000/Year
Nanjing Guangxi Medical University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 30000/Year
Yangzhou Yangzhou University Clinical Medicine (MBBS in English) RMB 22000/Year

SICAS Recommended  BDS Program

City University Program Tuition Fee
Dalian Dalian Medical University Stomatology (BDS in English) RMB 42000/Year
Wenzhou Wenzhou Medical College Stomatology ( in English)  RMB 28000/Year
Chengdu Sichuan University Stomatology RMB 36000/Year
Zhengzhou Zhengzhou University Stomatology (BDS in English)  RMB 40000/Year


1. What is the similarities &  differences between MOE listed and non-listed medical universities?


  •  All of them are listed by the Regular Institutions of Higher Education in China 
  •  All of them are recognized by WHO in the “Directory of World Medical Schools”. 
  •  All of them have the right to recruit international students.
  •  All of them have the qualification to offer Chinese-medium MBBS programs. 


  • MOE listed universites are qualified to offer both English- medium MBBS and Chinese-medium programs. 
  • MOE non-listed universities are qualified to offer Chinese- medium MBBS programs. 

2. Why choose MOE non-listed medical universities?
  • The teaching qualities is also excellent in non-listed medical universities. 
  • The low tuition fees will save you a lot of money.
  • Moreover, some non- listed medical universities also open some related English-medium courses to Chinese students which you can choose too. 
  • According to some Chinese experts in the field of study MBBS, some non-listed universities could be added into the list in the next year.

If the course or university you are looking for is not listed please use the Course Search or School Search

As you prepare your application, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  We're happy to be of assistance! 

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