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How to transfer to other medical universities in China?

If you are studying MBBS in China, it’s possible to transfer to other medical universities in China with the help of SICAS. Normally, it’s not easy for overseas students in China to transfer from the university where you have studied in a degree program to another one since each university opens different courses for the same major. However, as the most professional organisation for helping the international students to study in China, SICAS can do it much easier. With good understanding of Chinese higher education system, professional experience and close relationships with most of the Chinese universities, SICAS will smooth your way of transferring.

Generally speaking, there are four kinds of situations:

1. Transferring from a non-listed medical university to a listed one:
Normally, it’s the most difficult situation to handle and almost impossible according to our former experience. We cannot guarantee your transfer successful but we will do our best.

2. Transferring from a listed medical university to a non-listed one:
It’s possible and easier than the 1st situation. However, we advise that you apply for the transfer through us AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE because it’s much easier for students of lower grades to change schools than those of higher grades.

3. Transferring from a listed medical university to a listed one:
It’s also possible with SICAS’s help. Here, we advise that you apply for the transfer AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE because universities prefer lower grade students—freshmen or sophomores, and it will be harder for junior or senior students to transfer.

4. Transferring from non-listed medical universities to non-listed ones:
It’s possible. Please contact AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.

If you have made up your mind to change schools, please prepare all the scanned copies or photocopies of the following materials first and submit them to us ASAP:

  • Passport;
  • Official high school graduate certificate and transcript;
  • Official transcript issued by your original university in China;
  • No objection letter issued by your original university in China;
  • Latest Resident Permit

Also, you had better communicate with us fully about the reasons why you want to change schools, what kind of universities you’d like to transfer to, your financial situations, and your grades, etc.

The Dos and Don’ts:

1. Do transfer AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. As we have mentioned above, universities in China prefer lower grade students. The earlier you contact us to apply, the more successful your transferring will be. 

2. Do NOT easily trust commercial agencies, whose recommendations are unreliable. Sometimes, the recommended schools by those commercial agencies abroad are not qualified to offer high-quality MBBS programs.

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