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1、 October, 2007: As the predecessor of EduChinaLINK, EduRight formally registered and started to be engaged in study-in-China Admission Service. 

2、 March, 2008: EduRight formally changed its name into EduChinaLINK to start its international promotion. 

3、 April, 2008: The first group of international students studying English-taught Medical courses through EduChinaLINK arrived in China.  >>More

4、 October, 2008: The first group of English-taught international students majoring in Engineering, Economics and Management through EduChinaLINK arrived in China. 

5、 December, 2008: Signed cooperative contracts with and was authorized officially by the 29 most famous Chinese Medical Universities to recruit international students. Achieved a great success in the specific field of helping internaitonal students to study MBBS in China.

6、 May, 2009: Established strategic cooperative relations with  Center of Chinese Proficiency Test(HSK Center) at Shandong University. This center kept the heading record for six years in HSK examination among 3000 Chinese universities. >>More

7、 July, 2009: EduChinaLink Beta V1.0 went officially on line. 

8、 October, 2009: Ranked the first on the famous searching engine and (study MBBS in China as the key words.) >>More

9、 December, 2009: Established cooperative relations with the earliest and most authorized study-in-China platform  

10、 January, 2010: Held Chinese Universities International Recruitment Exhibition in Bangladesh. 25 Chinese universities attended this exhibition. The Bangladesh Minister of Education received the general manager of EduChinaLink.  >>More

11、 February, 2010: Invited by the Pakistan Prime minister and the minister of Public Health, together with five Chinese universities visited Pakistan and conducted students’ enrollment. The education conselor accompanied through the whole activities. >>More

12、 August, 2010: Took the responsibility of the “Study in China”Project issued by the Central Government of China by creating the world-class “STUDY IN CHINA ADMISSION SYSTEM” for higher education in China.

13、 January, 2011: Signed formal agreements with more than 200 Chinese universities and was officially authorized to recruit international students for them. 

14、 July, 2011: In order to satisfy the huge demands increased day by day from the international students who apply for various courses to study in China,EduChinaLINK Beta V1.0 was completely updated and renamed to SICAS -------the world-class “STUDY IN CHINA ADMISSION SYSTEM”for higher education in China. officially went online. 

15、 2012: The Pioneer of Whole-class International Admissions for International Law in China.

In 2012, SICAS firstly started international admissions for Bachelor’s of English-medium International Law in University of Jinan and helped enroll 35 international students for this major. 

16、 2013: The Pioneer of Whole-class International Admissions for China’s Automobile Service Engineering

In 2013, SICAS opened up international admissions for Bachelor’s of English-medium Automobile Service Engineering in Shandong Jiaotong University and helped successfully enroll 56 international students from 22 countries.

17、 2014: The Pioneer of International Admissions of 350 students for 8 majors in a single China’s Transportation-oriented University.

In 2014, SICAS opened up international admissions for 8 English-medium majors in Shandong Jiaotong University and enrolled 350 international students from 55 countries at one time. 

18、 2014: The Pioneer of Whole-class International Admissions for Architectural Engineering in Northern China.

In 2014, SICAS, as the first organization in China, initiated international admissions for English-medium architectural engineering in Jilin Jianzhu University and successfully helped enroll 47 international students from 16 countries. 

19、 2015: The Pioneer of Whole-class International Admissions for Chinese Pharmacy.

In 2015, SICAS cooperated with the team from Wenzhou Medical University wining First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and opened international admissions for Bachelors and Masters of English-medium Pharmacy. SICAS successfullyhelped enrolled 65 students from 26 countries within 2 months after signing agreement. 

20、 2016: The pioneer of International Admissions of 412 International Students for 12 Majors in a Single University

In the first half of 2016, SICAS successfully helped enroll 412 international students from 62 countries within 3 months after signing agreement with Wenzhou University, with a total inquiry of 2023 students.

21、 2016:  The Pioneer of Whole-class International Admissions for Bachelor’s Degree of Chinese Entrepreneurship Education

In the second half of 2016, SICAS started comprehensive cooperation with School of Entrepreneurship in Wenzhou University which ranks No.1 in the field of applied entrepreneurship studies nationwide and initiated international admissions for English-medium entrepreneurship studies with an enrollment of 28 from 53 international students. 

22、 2017:  The Pioneer of Whole-class International Admissions for the major of Longquan Celadon (National Gift for Heads of State during G20 Summit hosted in China) and Film and Television Media. 

In 2017, SICAS opened up international admissions for Bachelor’s of English-medium Longquan Celadon (National Gift for Heads of State during G20 Summit hosted in China) and Bachelor’s of English-medium Film and Television Media with one-time enrollment of 26 and 54 international students respectively.