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SICAS Guaranteed Services

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SICAS - Study In China Admission System is an efficient, accurate and safe authorized online platform to help international students directly get admissions into China universities and colleges.

For Students who are planing to study in China

SICAS One-stop Service Guarantee:

1. 24/7 consultation, one day response!
2. Three-step online application, success or money back!
3. Admission Tracking, Admission delivery, and Accommodation Booking, all in “My SICAS” Account!

ü         A--Accurate
ü         S--Safe

Efficient: complete online application in an easy three-step process; only a few minutes, you can be accessible to leading universities in 
Accurate: be exposed to an abundance of information which is true, reliable and up-to-date; SICAS is a Chinese university ' GOOGLE '.
Safe: no need to worry authenticity: we've been officially authorized by more than 300 first-rate universities in 
China, embracing more in the near future.

SICAS One-stop Standard Service Package:

SICAS offers One-stop standard service for international students to study in China from the choice of ideal university and course, applying online to track admission status online and deliver their Admission Letters for free. 
Making a Choice:

• SICAS has a searchable database up to thousands of courses and programs, making it easy for students to choose and compare them;
• SICAS helps students access to the latest enrollments information, making it useful and accurate to choose and apply;  
• SICAS proposes free advice on studying in China for each individual on each step of studying in China. If you encounter any problem regarding studying in China, please feel free to contact us at

Applying online and Track Admission Status: 
• Submit quick on-line applications to China’s universities in three steps: fill the application form, upload the application materials, and pay fees /send documents to the university.
• Track your admission status efficiently and safely and the scanned copy of the admission letter and Visa Form(JW202) can be seen in your SICAS account before you get the paper admission letter and Visa form(JW202).
• For US$ 50, you can apply for seven courses at most, meanwhile, you can apply for a SICAS scholarship with a maximum worth of US $6500.

Admission Letter Delivery:  
•  SICAS will send the admission notice and the JW202 form to students for free through DHL, UPS, TNT or FedEx to ensure the express package will reach the students within the shortest time. 
•  In case a student has more than one Admission Notice to be delivered, he/she can choose one to be delivered by the above express mail and others by Airmail.

Accommodation Booking:  
•  Once one of your Admission Status becomes "Posting",the Accommodation Booking section will be available for you in your "My SICAS" for free.
•  SICAS can assure you booking a dormitory on campus of your university instead of waiting in a long queue and hardly get one room on campus due to 
China's huge population.

SICAS One-stop Extra Service Package: 

 SICAS not only helps you to study in China with the above standard service pakage, but also offers  a  wide range of  the following comprehensive and  considerate assistance, which some extra service fees might be charged by SICAS. Email to to know the fees if you need some of the following specialized services. 

Study Abrad Planning:
  SICAS provides information regarding studying medical,engineering,business and other majors in 
China for Bacholar's,Master's and Doctoral applicants and directs students on how to create their own personalized study plan. Content includes study abroad recommendations, as well as information on schools, visas, and scholarships.

Admission Guarantee Services:
 SICAS has a broad cooperation with 
China’s universities. Until now, SICAS is authorized by 300 top Chinese universities. 
 Since SICAS were established on the basis of the invitations and authorizations of 
China’s universities, they usually give priority to applications sent through SICAS and offer the fastest admissions to our applicants.
 Please email to if you request SICAS to specially gurantee you an Admission Letter 100% successful.

Scholarship Online Application Services: 
 SICAS also provides students with scholarships in order to bring more and more academically gifted students to 

Upon Your Arrival in China: 

• Airport pick-up  SICAS arranges pick-up in 
Qingdao Liuting International Airport ect.for free; if you need SICAS staff to pick up you from other cities in China,please email to representative will pick up the students on 24/7 services in China and send airport pick up   pictures to  parents in their homecountry on the very minute of students arrival in  China. 

University Transfer Service: 
 • SICAS can help the students who have reasonable reason to transfer to about 200 universities in 

Internship Arrangement 
 • SICAS can help the international students to do internship in Chinese companies and factories ,and arrange the students to do internship in the right position.

Future Career Counsulting
 • SICAS can help the international students to find a way on how to find a good job in China and abroad.

 SICAS is dedicated to provide entire helpful service to make your stay in China pleasant. If you need our help, please email us at and we will get back to you. 

 For Uni. Staff 

SICAS offers fully digitized service for Chinese universities and colleges for better student recruitment and international students’ applications management. 

Uni. staffs (University and college staffs) are officially allocated a unique SICAS account where they are able to process the students’ application on-line, upload the electronic admission letter &JW202 and update their enrollment information as well as scholarship information. 

Uni. staff can manage the international students’ profiles simultaneously and systematically, avoiding any mistakes occurring during the application processing. 

SICAS provides Uni. staff complete electronic application, payment, and verification processes, making the recruitment work safer and more efficient. 

For Counselors

SICAS welcomes counselors to cooperate with us on the Project of “Study in China” and we are confident to help our partners to recruit more international students to study in China with our professional skills and resourses.  

SICAS on-line course database supports counselors in helping international applicants make more accurate and professional study-in-China plan. 

SICAS allocates counselors a unique account where all the applications from their office can be safely and conveniently managed in order. 

SICAS is designed to improve the efficiency of counselors because they can simultaneously check their applicants’ application materials, track the admission status and remind their applicants in the first time.