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Track Admission Status

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How to go to “Track Admission Status”?

1. Complete application form online
2. Upload required application documents
3. Pay application fees/Send application documents to University
4. Track admission status

The part of 'Track Admission Status' can only be available for your students when they have completed the first three steps. As the following picture shows, once your students have finished all the black sections, he/she can click the button 'Track Admission Status' in”My SICAS Acount”or 'Track Progress' on the home page of SICAS to track his/her admission status every time.   

SICAS Reminder:

  • Once your students have sent their applications, please let them wait 1-3 weeks for the admission office of the university to check the application materials and process their applications (E-mail to if they haven’t received a reply for more than 3 weeks.)
  • Once the admission office of the university has made any the updating of their admission status, SICAS will notify them to”Track Admission Status” in their “MY SICAS Acount”.,and also through a confirmation email to their registered email address.



  • The confirmation email will lead your students to ”Track Admission Status” in their “MY SICAS Acount” for details. Please ask your students to fill their valid email when registering and please also verify it when they login to “MY SICAS Acount”.
  • Once your students are accepted by the university, the admission office will post their original admission letters and JW202 forms.It takes 5-16working days to reach them.Both of the two documents are pre-requisite for applying a student’s visa to study in China.

What does admission status mean?

In general, it only takes 1-3weeks for your students to receive their Admission Letters or to know if they are refused by the university. The following are the explanation of five general statuses that will be updated by the admission office of the universities when they make a decision on applications, including processing, accepted, pending, refused and posting:

The university is processing the application and will notify your students in no time.
The university has accepted your students and will upload their Admission letters once it is ready, please notify your students to check in due time and reply to the university if they accept it, then the university will upload their JW 202 form, vise versa.
The university have checked the application documents, but they need to be revised according to the university’s request.
Sorry, the university can't accept the application.
The university has posted original Admission Letters and JW202 forms by courier to your students.

After your students complete their application forms, upload all the required application materials and make payment as well, the 'Track Admission Status' can be open for them. They can log in their SICAS account and click 'Track Admission Status' to check their admission status.