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Scholarship & Accommodation

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Apply for Scholarships

SICAS offers a wide range of scholarships for International students. If your students apply for China's universities through SICAS, they will have opportunities to apply for SICAS scholarships and other scholarships worth up to USD 6,500.

How to Apply for Scholarships on SICAS?

The university will only accept a student's scholarship application when his/ her “Track Admission Status” changed to “Accepted”.Please inform your students to finish their applications for their admission.

Once your students click the the button of "Send to Uni.", SICAS wi
ll notify them before the Results Announcement Date which is published on SICAS. If they are awarded the scholarship, an email will be sent to their Registered E-mail address. The scholarship winner list will be published on the SICAS scholarship section. They can also log in their SICAS account to check their scholarship processing status.

Book Accommodation

"Book Accommodation on Campus” will only be available for your students when at least one of their Admission Status becomes “Posting”.

Only 3 steps, your students can book accommodation on campus successfully!