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Shopping in Yantai
Yantai has a colorful folk culture and traditional handicrafts making were handed down generations to generations. One can find stores selling antique handicrafts. However, with the fast development of the economy, many modern shopping malls have emerged in Yantai.

What to buy

Travelers should bring home some of Yantai's specialties and there are many to choose from. For example, the Yantai apple, Laiyang pear, wines, Laizhou jade carvings, Laizhou writing brushes, embroideries on linens and the many varieties of sea foods. Laiyang pear is juicy and sweet. One may taste either the fresh pear, preserved pears, pear juice or pear sauce. Finally, the Yantai apples, sorted out into more than 200 varieties, are very popular at home and abroad.

Where to buy

The most prosperous shopping malls are grouped in the South Avenue, Zhifu District. There you can buy fashionable clothes, varied handicrafts, cosmetics and many other daily articles. Of course, one can find stores offering many local specialties without problem. Below is a list to guide your shopping:

Shopping Mall

South Avenue Branded Clothes Commercial Buildin

You can see many branded clothes there. 

Location: The South Avenue, Zhifu District (Bus route: No.5, 10)

Zhenhua Commercial Buildin

A shopping center named Zhenhua, located beside Zhenhua Commercial Building. 

Location: No.78 South Avenue, Zhifu District (Bus route: No.4, 9, 10, 21, 22, 42, 43, 44, 49)

Hualian Commercial Buildin

With a 40-year history, it mainly engages in wholesaling and retailing.

Location: No.261 South Avenue, Zhifu District (Bus route: No.5)

Sanzhan Wholesale Market

Many locals shop there. It's really a world of merchandise.

Location: The Xingye Road, Zhifu District, Yaitai (Bus route: No.4, 5, 6, 19, 49, 56)


Wal-Mart Supermarket

It's a newcomer and the facilities are quite good. Like other supermarkets, it can satisfy your daily needs without problem.
Location: The Central Square (Bus route: No. 1, 2, 5, 10, 50)

Darunfa Supermarket

It's a Taiwanese chain supermarket operated by Runtai Incorporation.  
Location: The basement of No.166 South Avenue, Zhifu District (Bus route: No.6)