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Yantai Transportation Guide

As one of the earliest trading ports of China, Yantai has a long history of strong maritime transport. With nine ports, the city handles 41 million tons of cargo and registers a passenger transport volume of 3.79 million people each year. Many people enjoy taking a boat trip starting here to Dalian and other coastal cities. The city has convenient air, sea and overland transportation so you can choose your favorite type of transportation when you visit this city.

By Air

Yantai Laishan Airport (YNT), located in Laishan Town, is 15 kilometers (9.32 miles) away from the city center. Air service began in October of 1984. Now, more than 20 domestic air routes have been opened to such cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Guilin, Harbin, Jinan, Hangzhou, and Kunming. In addition, there is international service to Seoul, Pusan (in South Korea), Osaka (in Japan) and Hong Kong.

After arriving at Laishan Airport, you can take the airport shuttle or a taxi to the city. The charge of taking the airport shuttle is around CNY10 per person and its terminal is at the Yantai Railway Station (No.128 Beima Road). A taxi to the city will cost about CNY40. If you go to the airport, you can take the airport shuttle in front of the CAAC Building or at the Railway Station two hours ahead of your flight.

Passenger Guidance 

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By Train

Yantai Railway Station is located at No.128 Beima Road. Now there is service to Beijing, Shijiazhuang Shanghai, Xian, Jiamusi, Qingdao, Jinan, Xuzhou, Zibo, and other cities. You can buy tickets at the railway station or at the ticket agencies, such as the Feida Ticket Agency at No.20 Jianshe Road (A17) and the Tianxiang Aviation Service Company at No.1 Beima Road. You can buy train tickets up to ten days ahead.

By Long-distance Bus

There are 11 main coach stations in Yantai. You can buy the tickets of the starting stations or round-trips from any station. Additionally, many branch post offices sell the tickets. Here gives some addresses of these post offices.

By Water

Yantai Port Passenger Transport General Incorporation set up two passenger stations - Yantai Port Passenger Transport Station (No.155 Beima Road) and Yantai Port Huanhai Lu Passenger Transport Station (No.2 Huanhai Road). Each day, quite a few ships shuttle between the city and Dalian and you can go to these two stations to take the ship to Dalian. There are three categories of the passenger ships to Dalian - ordinary, ro-ro and high-speed. And their flight time to Dalian is respectively 8H, 5.5H to 7.5H and 3H. Additionally, the incorporation provides the service to Inchon (in South Korea). There are three ships to Inchon in a week (at 17:30 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

By City-bus

At present, there are over 50 bus routes in Yantai. It's very convenient for you to get around the city. Try the No. 17 Sightseeing Bus that goes along the Binhai Road for a full view of the beautiful seaside scenery.

There are three types of the buses: big, mini, and air-conditioned. The charge is from CNY1 to CNY1.5. Usually, if you take the bus for more than 11 kilometers (6.84 miles), the fee will be increased by CNY0.5 for each five kilometers (3.11 miles).

By Taxi

In Yantai, most of the taxis are Santanas, Charades, or Citroen AZs. And there are three fee structures of taxis in terms of cars' brands. One is CNY7 for the first three kilometers (1.86 miles) and then CNY1.3 for each additional kilometer (0.62 mile); another is CNY7 for the first three kilometers and then CNY1.5 for each additional kilometer; the third is CNY8 is for the first three kilometers and then CNY1.8 for each additional kilometer.

By Chartered Vehicle

You can rent a car to get around the city. But according to the law, a person with an International Driver's License or a foreign Driver's License is not allowed to drive a car in China. Thus, if foreign visitors want to rent a car, they must hire a Chinese driver. There are several big car rental companies in that city. Usually, they provide different-level cars, such as Buick, Audi A6, Passat, Citroen AZ, and Santana.