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Dinning in Yantai

Just like the Canton Cuisine of Gunagdong, the Chuan dishes of Sichuan and the Xiang dishes of Hunan, Shandong is well-known for its Lu dishes (Lu is short for Shandong).Specifically, the Fushan District of Yantai is called "hometown of Lu dishes". In addition to the Lu dishes of Fushan, the wheat based food is also quite popular. 

Yantai is bordered by sea and seafood is naturally in abundance. Therefore, the ingredients of many dishes are of seafood based, consisting of sea-cucumbers, abalones, scallops, crabs and prawns. For example, the Stir-fried Sea-cucumber with Scallions and Fried Razor Clam (stir-fried razor clams with eggs, agarics and cucumbers) are two of the most famous seafood dishes. Furthermore, there are a variety of local snacks, such as the Fish Dumplings, Penglai Noodles, Pansi cake and Yantai Menzi (bean jelly fried with shrimp paste and seasonings). In short, tasting is believing. Many delicacies are waiting for you. If seafood is to your liking, then Yantai is not a place to be missed. 

Delicious Seafood in Yantai

Generally speaking, seafood plays a very important role in people's diet since Yantai is a coastal city. Following are brief introductions to some restaurants in Yantai.

Chinese food restaurants

1. Penglaichun Restaurant

It is a time-honored restaurant and specializes in cooking seafood. It's said that the dishes are tasty but not too expensive. 

Recommended dishes: Quanjiafu (Hotchpotch), Soft-fried Oyster and Scrambled Eggs with Agarics.  

Location: No.13 Dingxi Road

2. Shunshui-renqing

Quite good environment as it is near to the Golden Beach.

Recommended dishes: Dove Soup and pumpkin pies.

Location: No.34 Haibin Road

3. Yantai Renjia Old Restaurant

Good service and dishes are moderately priced. It is not so crowded. 

Recommended dishes: Soft-fried Shrimp Meat, Stir fried Crab, Fish Ball Soup, Penglai Noodles. 

Location: No.32 Beima Road, Yantai

Western food restaurants

1. Jack's Western Food

Many locals feel that this restaurant is the most native western food restaurant, with good service and tasty food in Yantai. 

Location: No.14 Huanshan Road

2. Mingtien Coffee Language

It serves coffee and western food. 

Location: No.51 Shifu Street