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Yantai International Standard Education

Yantai is currently the second largest industrial city in Shandong, next only to Qingdao.

Ludong University, Yantai University are the  key universities in Yantai. If you are looking to learn Chinese language and Chinese Culture in a coastal city, Yantai is a good option for you. 

Ludong University

Located in Yantai, a beautiful seaside city in the east of Shandong Province, Ludong University boasts beautiful campus and pleasant climate.

Among all the available courses there, Chinese Language and Culture are enjoying great popularity among international students. It has developed cooperative relationships with 50-plus universities or high institutes in 20-odd countries with an enrollment of about 300 foreign students each year.e, Ludong Universtiy is an ideal place for you to learn Chinese language and Chinese culture. 

Yantai University

Yantai University, located in Laishan District of Yantai City, is a key comprehensive university in Shandong Province. With the Yellow Sea to the east and green mountains to the west, YTU enjoys beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate. 

At present, there are 24,000 regular students, including undergraduates, graduates and international students, as well as 6,000 vocational students. Yantai University has established co-operative relationships with 88 universities in 26 nations and regions. YTU has developed a variety of programs supporting international exchange and co-operation. YTU is one of the first batch of colleges and universities approved by the State Council to accept foreign students and employ foreign experts. YTU has established reciprocal student exchange programs with 28 partner universities in ROK, Japan, USA, France, Switzerland, Britain and Taiwan.. YTU is one of the HSK exam centers in China. 

Welcome to study in Yantai!