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Yantai Tourists Attractions
Located on the Jiaodong Peninsula (Shandong Peninsula), the beautiful islands and seashores of Yantai always make a deep impression on visitors. Especially, when summer comes, the breeze wafts from the sea, and the hills become ornamented with a sea of wildflowers. All these natural things make the city more charming and also create many famous attractions for visitors. Here are some suggestions of things to see.

The Tour of Bus No.17
The Bus No.17 is a sightseeing bus, which goes along the Binhai Road and passes many attractions. Among them, the Changyu Wine Culture Museum, the First Bathing Beach, the Crescent Bay and the Second Bathing Beach are quite famous. Additionally, the Yantaishan Scenic Area is located just near the Changyu Wine Museum and can easily be visited.

Kongdong Island

The central district of Yantai City, Zhifu District, was built on Kongdong Island. Facing the city, it is 10.08 kilometers (6.26 miles) away from the city and is shaped like the letter "T". It is surrounded by a series of small islands. Among those islands, are the distinctive Turtle and Crane islands. 

How to get there: From the port at the north end of the Shengli Road take the boat to Kongdong Island.

Nanshan Scenic Spot Zone

Situated in Longkou City, it is on the coastal line of the Bohai Sea. The zone takes the hotel, recreation palace and international golf course as center and it can meet the need of consumers at all levels. Occuping an area of 36,000 square meters, the Nanshan Recreation Palace is the Asian largest recreation center, which is the ideal place for relaxation. The biggest figure of Buddha in the world is also in the Nanshan Scenic Spot Zone, whose height is 28.66 meters and weight is 380 tons. The main scenic spots include Jimu Island, the General Stone, Hu Dahai Square, Sang Island, Yi Island, the Home Village of XuFu, the Former Residence of the Ding Family, Karts Cave of Small Laishan Hill and Nanshan Scenic Area. Nanshan Scenic Spot Zone is a perfect tourist and summer resort.

Location: Hongqi Middle Road, Zhifu County, Yantai

How to get there: Take bus NO.5 or special line NO.105

Changshan Islands

Changshan Island  are known for their sandy beaches and picturesque limestone cliffs. The total land area is only 56 square km, but the coastline is 146 km long.

Both Changdao National Forest Park and Changdao National Nature Reserve are located on the islands, which are on a cross-Bohai Sea flyway. The Changdao Islands are now open to non-Chinese nationals, including westerners since1st December 2008.

How to get there: Take a long-distance bus to Penglai (it take 50mins and takes off every 20mins and costs 17 Yuan), then go to Long Islands by ship