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City: map Beijing
University Tier: Ordinary National
International Students: 500
StudentsTotal: 15,000
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Accommodation: On campus
Postcode: 100144
Address: map No.5 Jinyuanzhuang Road Shijingshan District Beijing
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Growing out of the former state-run Peking Advanced Vocational School of Technology, founded in 1946, NCUT has undergone dramatic changes ever since. In 1978, with the approval of the State Council, NCUT began to offer full undergraduate degree programs.NCUT targets the development of qualified, high-level, application-oriented professionals with solid basic theoretical knowledge and strong practical skills and creative abilities. NCUT has 1260 faculty and staff, which include 748 teaching faculty of whom 85% hold Master’s and Doctoral degrees. Teaching is a primary focus at NCUT and the center of its activities as a quality education is the university’s lifeline.
SICAS Comments
North China University of Technology, like the city of Beijing, is dynamic, cosmopolitan, diverse, vibrant, and stimulating. The university is multicultural in its character with an international focus.
The university views, as a key strength, the social and culture diversity of our students, staff and partners in the professions and in society more generally. This diversity has created a vibrant and rich learning environment that prepares graduates for a borderless workplace. Through its promotion of learning and pursuit of research and creative practice, the University contributes to the advancement and integration of knowledge, professional skills and technology, along with their intelligent, sustainable and enterprising application for the benefit of humanity.

Course Degree
International Economy and Trade (International Economy &Trade ) Bachelor's Degree English 09.2020 09 15, 2020 29600 75
Architecture (Architecture1) Bachelor's Degree English 09 02, 2020 09 15, 2020 29600 75
Electronic Information Engineering (Electronic and Information Engineering) Bachelor's Degree English 09 02, 2020 09 15, 2020 29600 75
Construction Management (Management Science and Engineering ) Bachelor's Degree English 09 02, 2020 09 15, 2020 29600 150
Short-term Chinese Language Training (Chinese Language Program) Non-Degree English 09.2020 09 15, 2020 17800 150
Chines Language and Culture Program of the Winter School (Winter Short-Term Chinese Language Class) Non-Degree English 01 02, 2019 12 15, 2018 4000 50
Chinese Language One-year Course (Long-Term Chinese Language Class) Non-Degree English 08.2020 09 15, 2020 17800 150