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Deakin University Delegation Visited NCUT

A ten-member delegation headed by Bas Baskaran, Associate  Dean of Faculty of Science Engineering & Built Environment, Deakin University, Australia, visited NCUT on 11 May. Vice President Shen Zhili met with the visiting delegations in Meeting Room 302 , Dunpin Building.


Vice President Shen Zhili extended her warm welcome to Associate Dean Bashklan and his colleagues. They discussed and reached consensuses on cooperative programs including the joint degree program in Mechatronic Engineering, the ‘3+2’ accelerated Master degree program, the ‘1+1+1’ dual Master degree program, student exchange program, etc.  


Aside from Baskaran, the Deakin University Delegation consists of Karen Hapgood the Head of the School of Engineering, Shen Wei the Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor of Deaekin International Office, Bernard Rolfe the Associate of School of Engineering, etc. On NCUT’s part, Li Qiang, Dean of School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering as well as Xiong Jiaquan. Director of International Office also attended the meeting.

The Delegation visited School of Electrical and Control Engineering, School of Architecture and Art, School of Mechanical and Material Engineering as well as School of Civil Engineering of NCUT. After the visit, the delegation delivered a seminar at the lecture hall in Guangxue Building. Additionally, the members of the delegation also held meetings with the faculty members of School of Mechanical and Material Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, etc.

Located in the city of Melbourne and known as the "Cultural Capital of Australia", Deakin University was established by the Australian Federal Government in 1974. Within fifty years, it has developed into the top 2% of universities in the world. It offers bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs, as well as professional training and employee training. Currently, Deakin University holds more than 4,400 faculty and more than 37,600 full-time students, including over 8,000 international students from over 120 countries. Deakin University has a remarkable reputation in the areas of computer science, engineering technology, materials science, health care, etc.