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President of Board of Directors of Horiba Ltd., Japan Visited NCUT

Atsushi Horiba, President of the Board of Directors of Horiba Ltd., Japan, along with his colleagues, visited NCUT on 31 May. President Ding Hui, along with Vice President Shen Zhili, met with the guests in Room 302, Dunpin Building.


President Ding Hui extended warm welcome to Atsushi Horiba and his colleagues. Both parties have discussed the proposals regarding jointly-built laboratories, collaborative research, etc. President Ding Hui acknowledged the corporate culture and visionary strategy adopted by Horiba Ltd. President Atsushi Horiba not only applauded the cooperative proposals raised by President Ding Hui, but also expected further cooperation based on friendship and mutual trust between NCUT and Horiba Ltd. Additionally, to cultivate students’ innovative capability, Atsushi Horiba encourages qualified students to take practical training in Horiba Ltd.


Accompanied by President Ding Hui, the delegation visited NCUT’s Urban Intelligent Traffic Control Technology Laboratory and Integration and Integration and Analysis of Large-scale Stream Data Laboratory, which are recognized as Key Laboratories of Beijing. They also visited the Environmental Monitor and Control Laboratory as well as Scene-Based Intelligent Robot Laboratory.