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Restaurants in Soochow (Suzhou)

1. Amazon Latin Restaurant

Price:  RMB 61

Address:  1-1 West Bifeng Fang, Guanqian Jie, Suzhou

Getting there:  Line 1, Lindun LuStation

Contact:  0512-6515 5878   

Opening hours:  11:15-14:30,17:00-21:30

Offering a large buffet of international foods and tasty Brazillian Barbecue. Live Latin music by a band from the Phillipines accompanies your meal.

2. Be For Time Tea House(Suzhou Branch)

Address:  1738 Renmin Lu, Canglang District, Suzhou

Contact:  0512-67777057 ,400-7200-218   

Website: (Chinese) 

3. Bencao Rensheng Vegetarian Restaurant

Price:  RMB 62

Address:  846 Binhe Lu, Gaoxin District, Suzhou

Getting there:  Take bus No.39,64 to Binhe Lu stop

Contact:  0512-6808 2747   

Opening hours:  10:30-14:00,15:00-22:00

Website: (Chinese) 

This ultra-healthy veggie restaurant offers buffet dinners and banquet catering in addition to its normal operations. Don't miss the fresh fruit and vegetable sald bar, a welcome and affordable antedote to greasy street food.

4. Champ de blé

Address:  1 Shishan Lu, Gaoxin District, Suzhou, SND, at New City Garden Hotel 

Getting there:  Xincheng Huayuan bus station 

Contact:  0512 6818 0017

Opening hours:  Tuesday to Sunday 11:00-14:00 & 17:30-22:00


Champ de blé will provide you the loveliest atmosphere to enjoy a meal or a drink. Plenty of french specials are served e.g smoked duck breast or braised dorade. . There is a wide range of dishes ( fish, pizza, pasta, soup,...) all at an affordable price

5. Mingtien Coffee Language(Gym Center Branch)

Price:  RMB 45 

Address:  183 Sanxiang Lu, Suzhou 

Getting there:  Take bus No.38 , 40 to Sanxiang Xincun stop

Contact:  0512-6828 8716   

Opening hours:  09:00-00:00


Price:  RMB 110

Address:  36 Shuifang Lu,Industrial Park ,Suzhou 

Getting there:  Take bus No.142 to Shuixiang linli stop

Contact:  0512-6770 4322   

Opening hours:  09:00-21:00