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Tourists Attractions in Soochow (Suzhou)

Blue Wave Pavilion (Cang Lang Ting)

Price:  RMB 30 (peak season), RMB 20 (off season) 

Address:  2 Canglangting Lu, Suzhou 

Getting there:  1, 2, 4, 5, 39,101,102,103, 308, 309

Contact:  0512-65194375   

Opening hours:   8:00 am - 5:00 pm 


With its luxuriant trees, winding creeks and fragrant lotus blossoms, Blue Wave Pavilion is one of Suzhou's most famous traditional Chinese gardens. Considered the oldest garden in China, the Blue Wave Pavilion is much admired by enthusiasts of formal Chinese gardens because of the balance it strikes between the built and natural environments.

Hanshan Temple (Han Shan Si)

Price:  RMB 15, RMB 5(Bell Tolling)

Address:  24 Hanshansi Nong, Suzhou 

Getting there:  3, 10, 33, 44, 301, 307

Contact:  0512-65336634   

Opening hours:  7:30 am–5 pm (Spring, Summer, Autumn) 8:00 am - 4:


Hanshan Temple is an active place of Buddhist worship and is important to Suzhou's local community. The temple was named after a 7th century poet-monk who came to stay there. Its dark roof tiles, yellow walls and picturesque bridges are very attractive.

Humble Administrator's Garden (Zhuo Zheng Yuan)

Price:  RMB 50--RMB 70District:  

Address:  178 Dongbei Jie, Suzhou 

Getting there:  Bus 1, 2, 3, 5

Contact:  0512-67510286   

Opening hours:  7:30 am–5:30 pm


The Humble Administrator's Garden is in the northeast of Suzhou. Considered one of the best gardens in southern China, it ranks second only to the Garden of the Master of Nets. With a total area of 5.2 hectares (13 acres), it is one of the largest private gardens in Suzhou.

Today, the Humble Administrator's Garden is divided into three parts: eastern, middle and western. A fine collection of Chinese art, calligraphy, sculpture and painting is also on display.

Admission Fee: RMB 70 (Mar.1 to May 31 and Sep. 1 to Nov. 30); RMB 50 (June 1 to Aug. 31 and Dec. 1 to Apr. 30)

Suzhou Amusement Park (Su zhou le yua)

Price:  Happy World RMB 60; Water World RMB 40, (half price for children [under 1.4 meters])

Address:  87 Jinshan Lu, New District, Suzhou

Getting there:  Bus 38, 39, 68, 301, 304, 313

Contact:  0512-6825 6453   

Opening hours:  9:00 am–5:00pmWebsite:  

Suzhou Amusement Park is located at the center of Xin District, Suzhou. The park was designed to encompass 94 hectares, with the famous 'Lion Hill' as the central focus. The park consists of two sections: "Water World"has been described as being designed around an "oriental Disney" theme; Happiness World is a more tranquil environment suitable to children of all ages, especially the youngest.

Garden of the Master of the Nets (Wang Shi Yuan)

Price:  RMB 30-- RMB 80

Address:  11 Kuojiatou Xiang, Suzhou 

Getting there:  55, 202, 204, 529, 931

Contact:  0512-65223550   

Opening hours:   8:00 am - 5:00 pm 


Though occupying a small space, this garden is known for using it well. The design and layout is such that the space seems much larger than it actually is. Nature and man-made structures are meshed flawlessly in this garden. The landscape is accented by prominent rockeries, fish pools and vegetation, and a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere is created.

Windows on the buildings in and around the garden are decorated with woven bamboo latticework, which is designed to resemble various scenes. The architecture is stunning, and is representative of Qing Dynasty style.

Admission: RMB 30 (Mar.1 to May 31 and Sep. 1 to Nov. 30); RMB 20 (June 1 to Aug. 31 and Dec. 1 to Apr. 30); RMB 80 during the night.