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Theaters and Cinemas in Soochow (Suzhou)

Suzhou Kaiming Theater (Suzhou Kaiming Daxiyuan)

Suzhou Kaiming Theater, located on Guanqian Commercial Shopping Street, is a multipurpose space, hosting films, live performances (including Peking Opera, Kun Opera, Suzhou Opera and Pingtan) and small conferences. 

Address:  11 Beiju, Pingjaing Distrcit, Suzhou 

Contact:  0512-65222959 

Suzhou People's Cinema (Suzhou Ren min Ying ju yuan)

Address:  34 Shi Lu, Suzhou 

Contact:  0512-6533 6980  

Suzhou People's cinema is centrally located in the lively area near Shi Road, and has a seating capacity of 750. The state of the art facility is the venue for many domestic and international movies.

Conference Center Theater 

District:  Address:  100 Daoqian Jie, Suzhou 

Contact:  0512-6522 6691  

Suzhou Conference Center Theater is a large-scale multiplex with a seating capacity of 1200 people. This centrally located theater is the venue for many festivities including conferences, art performances and films. During 2006, during the Year of Russia in China, the theater was the venue for the National Russian Ballet; additionally, the theater is the venue for the world-renowned Opera and Dance Troupe of China and the China Folk Music Troupe that have performed in the Vienna, Japan and France.

Suzhou Scientific and Technological Cultural Art Center

Address:  1 Guanfeng Jie, Jiangsu Industrial Zone, Suzhou 

Contact:  0512-6289 9899  


Sitting by Jinji Lake, the Cultural Art Center hosts a variety of foreign and Chinese concert series. One of the most notable events of the year at the Center is the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, an annual celebration sometimes known as China's Oscars.