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Soochow(Suzhou) Economy

Soochow is currently one of the fastest growing cities in China and one of the important economic center in the Yangtze river delta economic circle. 

Soochowowes Soochow port which is  the largest inland river in China and the largest port in Jiangsu. Transportation inSoochow is very convenient. Railway and highway transportation network extending in all directions and in major cities across the country are linked together.

In terms of economic aggregate, Soochow economic output (GDP) in 2012 reached  1.201165 trillion yuan (not including suzhou industrial park). If contain Soochow industrial park, its total economic output (GDP) in 2012, 173.8 billion yuan , the fifth in China mainland. 

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Suzhzhou Branch (Suzhou Trade Promotion Association)

Address:  1638 Xihuan Lu,Soochow

Contact:  0512-68290024  


The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Soochow Branch, the former CCPIT Soochow Sub-Council, was renamed as The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade SoochowBranch (hereinafter referred to as Soochow Trade Promotion Association) in June 2005. It is one of the branches of the CCPIT. It is a non-governmental organization for promoting foreign trade composed of representative figures, enterprises and associations in Soochow. The CCPIT Soochow also promotes the utilization of foreign investment, promotes the introduction of foreign advanced technology and promotes various kinds of economic and technical exchanges between the people in the industrial and commercial circles of China and other countries all over the world.

The main tasks of CCPIT Suzhou include: 

1. Developing contacts between China and other countries, trade and economic chambers of commerce, economic and trade groups and relative international organizations; organizing, participating and sponsoring regional and international conferences relative to economic and trade cooperation;

2. Conducting foreign surveys and research on foreign nations, collection, transferring and issuing of economic and trade information, developing international and domestic market research as well as credential survey services for enterprises home and abroad; 

3. Organizing, participating in or sponsoring exchange activities related to international trade, organizing trade enterprises and groups in Suzhou to hold economic and trade exhibitions, fairs and conferences overseas;
4. Publicizing trade and economic policies as well as information about investment environments at home and abroad

Ernst & Young Soochow Branch

Address:  Room 1801, Century Financial Tower, 1 Suhua Lu, Soochow Industrial Park Postcode: 215021

Contact:  0512-67639222   

Website: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Suzhzhou Branch (Suzhou Trade Promotion Association)