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China in June——Tsingtao

In China, June is a colorful month. We sent away the gentle spring and welcomed the hot summer.

When talking about China, many friends think of Chinese cities first. In June, China, because of its vast territory, can make you feel incisively and vividly in different cities in China, across the north and south of China, from the spring of life recovery to the colorful summer, and from the cool and clear autumn to the winter wrapped in snow.

When talking about China, you must have heard of Qingdao, a beautiful city in this country. June is the beginning of life in this city. ....

It is said that "cycling is not as fast as walking" (the terrain is mountainous)


It is said that "passers-by carry plastic bags" (carrying plastic bags to buy beer here is enough to prove that Tsingtao beer is vital for the world beer)

   passers-by carry plastic bags

It is said that there is a saying that "pearls float overseas and girls marry foreigners". The ancestors of Qingdao people come from Yunnan, so Qingdao girls bring together the delicacy of southern girls and the tall figure of northern girls, creating a unique charm. Therefore, people don't know when it began to spread here that Qingdao girls like to marry foreigners.

        Qingdao girls like to marry foreigners

It is said that "the roof of the old district is covered with red tiles" (mainly because the Germans generally used red tiles when planning the old city, but in fact, the colors of tiles are mainly red tiles and green tiles, which were widely used in ancient China)

the roof of the old district is covered with red tiles

It is said that it is "walking out in swimwear" (Qingdao is one of the first excellent tourist cities and a famous seaside tourist destination. Every year from June to October, tourists from all over the world come here, and local residents in Qingdao often go to the beach to swim and then wear swimwear to eat on the roadside or go home directly)

Don’t just stay in the “legend”!!

The epidemic is like a devastating blow to the residents of all countries in the world in winter. However, when winter comes and spring comes, I will wait for you in Qingdao until the spring of recovery. Welcome the handsome boys and beautiful girls from all over the world to study in China and travel to China, and be sure to come to Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city in China.