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Qingdao Tourism and Festivals

As one of the best tourist cities of China, Qingdao received 800,000 tourists from overseas and 33.9 million domestic tourists in 2008, which brought it wholly 42.03 billion Yuan tourism revenue.

Qingdao was also the only one Chinese city selected to be one of the most beautiful bays in the world by Times in 2007. Not only the beautiful sea and mountains around it but also the particular historical heritages make Qingdao the most famous tourist resort of China in the early 20th century. Red roofs accompany with green trees against the blue sea and sky in the urban landscape, magnificent coastline, rolling fairyland Laoshan Mountain, diverse architectures predominantly in a European continental style, and modern facilities for vacation, convention and exhibition, with all these beautiful sceneries, it’s not hard to say that Qingdao is a city the second to none with Chinese and foreign tastes blended together and the natural get along with city landscapes greatly, let alone the former residences of famous historical and contemporary personages we have here. No matter you want a vacation, recreation, sightseeing, or business activities, conferences and exhibitions; not just for the sake of the most beautiful seaside, Qingdao is absolutely the ideal destination for you.

Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center

And for a vacation, recreation or sightseeing, sports, leisure, entertainment, catering, accommodation and shopping etc, we have more surprises for you; they are the generous rural tourism resources including tea, flower, fruit and fish as well as vegetable, they have formed a complete rural tourism product system with totally 33 rural tourist demonstration spots in which 18 ones are national level, for instance, Qingdao Vegetable Sci-Tech Demonstration Park, Shilaoren Tourist Park, and Baiguoshan Recreational Resort etc. The "Laoshan Tea Garden" and other agricultural tourism demonstration spots represent the tourism products of tea-series, the Kutao Flowers and Chengyang Peony Park etc represent the flower-series , the Dazeshan Grape Festival, Beizhai Cherry Festival, Heshan Persimmon Festival and Chengyang Yanyu Cherry Festival represent the fruit-series, the Huichag Fishing Village, Hongdao Clam and Chanzhi Reservoir Freshwater Fish represent the fish-series, the Qingdao Vegetable Sci-Tech Park represent the vegetable-series , the Shanhai Farm and Shanli Farm etc represent the rural folk-custom experience tour series.

Featured Events

Qingdao International Beer Festival

Overseas Quests Enjoy themselves in Qingdao International Beer Festival

Qingdao has a lot to offer to tourists outside of the beer festival. Located on the seaside, it has some of the best sunbathing and swimming beaches in China. Its history as a German territorial concession gives us European architecture and great beer. Ergo, Qingdao hosts the International Beer Festival, an invitation to locals, expats and foreign tourists to come to Qingdao, belly up to the bar and drink copious amounts of beer.

Laoshan Cherry Festival

This cherry festival starts in early May and lasts approximately 30 days. The photo at the right was taken at one of the numerous cherry orchards in the LaoShan "Cherry Valley." The Cherry Valley of LaoShan starts at the Yu Kuang bus stop and continues to the quaint little town of BeiZhai. 

SICAS Reminder: You  can take bus #110, #112, #311, or #365 to Yu Kuang or continue on to BeiZhai.

The Ocean Festival of Qingdao


The Qingdao Ocean Festival is held every July with the aim to present Qingdao as a seashore tourist city. Its theme is "Welcome the Ocean Century with a Brighter Future". The main events include the entertainment programs at the opening ceremony, the amusement activities of marine culture, the marine technology activities, the sea sports, the ocean tourism, and the activities concerning tasting the seafood.