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Shopping and Leisure

Nightscape of Qingdao

Although the nightlife in Qingdao is more subdued than in other major cities, there are mainly four choices: the Square Nightlife, based around Century Square (people get together at the square, walking, talking, enjoy the night scenes and the sea wind.), Food Nightlife, focused on the food street, Shopping Nightlife, based in department stores, supermarkets and the markets, and Bar Nightlife.


If you want to shop in Qingdao, then Zhongshan Road is a must. With its bewitching night scene, big shopping malls on Zhongshan Road such as Parkson Department Store deserve a visit. With the rapid development of Taidong Pedestrian Street, Zhongshan Road is fading. Taidong Pedestrian Street provides visitors not only a broad shopping and entertainment area, but also a place in which to enjoy outdoor mural paintings. Great muralists from other parts of China create outstanding public art to lure visitors to Taidong Pedestrian Street.

Jimo Road Small Articles Wholesale Market has become the must-go place for tourists to buy souvenirs for friends and relatives. This market earns its fame for its approachable prices and good quality.

On Hong Kong middle Road are two big shopping centers, Jusco and Carrefour, recommended for typical Qingdao food, including dried seafood. Opposite the Carrefour is the Sunshine Department Store, the high-level shopping center in Qingdao. Starbucks and Haagen-Dazs ice cream shops are also in the area. Behind Jusco, near the sailing center you will find Hisense Plaza, a high level shopping center includes LV, Prada and Gucci.

Porsche Design franchise store
Address: F1-05 No. 88 Macao Road Qingdao, 266071 China

Bars and Clubs

Recommended Bars

1. Old Jack’s Bar

Address: 65 Xianggang Zhonglu, Shinan District
SICAS Comments: Step inside Old Jack’s Bar and you’ll get the distinct feeling you’re in a pirate movie. Between the warm wood furnishings and the rough, rustic décor, this is the place to go either for a quiet evening reminiscing at the bar, or a rowdy night with the boys (or girls). Make a special effort to seek out Old Jack himself to chat with while he makes his specialty - the best gin and tonic this side of the Yangtze.

2. Freeman Coffee House

Address: No. 38, Hubei Road, Shinan District, Qingdao
SICAS Comment: coffee house in the old city area, it is decorated with antiques, such as an American wireless radio from the 1940s, Irish copper coffee pots, a shabby straw-hat-shaped lampshade, and the graffiti left by customers. All these decorations remind one of a street corner in a European city.

3Music Kitchen

Address: No. 5, Hong Kong Middle Road
The Music Kitchen Bar is a three-story building. Here you can watch the stars from the roof. Pizza is the most popular food at the Music Kitchen. They also feature various salads such as Thai eggplant salad and French sweet pepper salad. There's nothing better than pizza with salad!

4. JFK Bar

Address: No. 2, Zhanghua Road
The bar is actually located in the Sea View Garden Hotel and is named after former-American president John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It is an American-style bar that takes patrons back to the Kennedy era.

There is also a bar street, Yan'er Dao Road, which has loads of bars and has now been extended to First Zhangzhou Road and Minjiang Road. Give this street a try!