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2013 Jinzhou Expo

Name:2013 World Landscape Art Exposition Jinzhou China

Date:2013.5 to 2013.10

Location:Longxiwan New District, Jinzhou

Theme: City and Sea, Harmonious in Future

The planning theme of 2013 World Landscape Art Exposition Jinzhou China expresses the concept of both the city and the sea contribute to a harmonious future. "City and Sea" shows the city Jinzhou is endowed with oceanic characteristic. Jinzhou is close to the sea, and the sea is the cradle of life for people. The development to live for human is closely link with the sea. 

"Harmonious in Future" embodies that it is a feast to share the fruits of modern civilization. On the feast, mutualism and co-prosperity between mankind, city and the sea will be focused on, and the mutual respect among the sea, city, man and nature will also be presented. 

1.Low carbon, highly energy-savings
Advocating the life of low carbon, such as: save the usage of paper, use the energy saving lamp, save the energy to protect our homeland. 

2. More thrifty, less waste

Advocating saving food, and not infatuating with the luxuries. Promote rational spending to keep the good attitude of living.

3. More organic production, less chemical production

Advocating choosing organic production and recycled material products. Form the correct and healthy consuming conception. 

4. Repeatedly usage, reduce one-off

Advocating repeatedly use of products, reducing the usage of one-off goods.

5. More renewable, reduce pollution

Advocating the practice on classify of rubbish, separating the renewable resources from the non-renewable energy resources. 

6. More afforest, less destroy 

Advocating people to join the activity of protecting environment, and keep healthy attitude to create comfortable, quality living environment. 

One Core:  

The IFLA International Exhibition Park as the main body presents 20 world class gardens designed by a selected group of international landscape architects. This area corresponds with the adjacency Science Creative Marine Museum, the Bohai Bay waterscape and the flower belt.

One Ring: 

A major ring road for both vehicle and pedestrian circulation encompass the entire site. This road system integrates the north, middle and south zones. It connects all gardens, buildings, performance areas and landscape features.

Two Axes: 

Sea and landscape axis: The east-west axis starts from the main entrance of the Starfish Square on the east, Haiyun Avenue, and the Ocean Scientific Gallery terminates with the open classic landscape on the west.
Marine characteristics exhibition axis: The north-south axis aims at providing the views of the ocean. Along this axis are different halls ranging from Ancient Ecological Hall, the Aqua Theater, the Flower Tower and the Taiwan Garden.

Six Districts are Hill garden zone, Miracle garden zone, Forest land zone, Island zone, Coastal garden zone, and Maritime activities zone.