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Tourists Attractions in Jinzhou

1. Guanyin Cave Mountain 

For people who are looking for a one of a kind vacation, visiting the Guanyin Cave Mountain is a good option. This is a place that is perfect for those who are craving for the thrill of exploring various landscapes and water formation that are hand-crafted by nature. It is an ideal destination for people who are quite fed up of the cramped and busy streets of the city. 
The Guanyin Cave Mountain is a popular attraction in Liaoning province because it is packed with so much natural beauty. Seeing the surroundings can really be heart-warming because of the magnificent view. 

Location: It is located at Round-the-island Highway, close to the side of the road at Nan-Zai Lake.

Get There: Take the local route 56 and follow the signage which can be seen along the road.

Ticket Price: 30 yuan per person

Openning Time: 8:00---19:00

Best time:  January to December

Clothes to wear: Comfortable clothes,  comfortable shoes. 

2. Yiwulu Mountain 

Yiwulu Mountain stretches from the northeast to the the southwest direction with a length of 45 Km and a width of 14 Km. It is also called “Liushan” (meaning six mountains) for the whole mountain has a 6 folded structure. There are altogether 52 famous peaks among the whole mountain, among which the Wanghai Peak is the highest with an alptitude of 866.6 meters.

Get There: Take the tourist bus at Jinzhou Railway Station directly to the destination which costs about 2 hours.

Openning Time: 9:00-16:00

Best time to visit:   May to October

Recommended visiting hours: half a day

3. Jinzhou Museum 

Founded in 1953, it was named the Preparatory department of topography museum of western Liaoning Province. Now it is categorized into an integrated local museum.

Jinzhou City Museum consists of display department, preservation department, ancient building-preserving department and security department, etc. over the recent years, a great many influential exhibitions were carried out.

Location: No.1, north of Guta Park, Guta District

Get There: Take the No. 3 Bus that runs around the city.

Ticket Price: 10 yuan per person

Openning Time: 8:30---19:00

Recommended visiting hours: 3 hours

4. DaGuangji Temple Overview

Known also as Dafo Temple, the Guangji Temple was established in the Liao Dynasty according to the stone inscriptions in the temple. It was ruined by the war at the end of Yuan Dynasty, and thereafter a series of renovations were completed. The whole temple has an intact arrangement. After the libration war in the year 1949, it was set as the site of Jinzhou Museum.

Get There: Take the No. 3 Bus that runs around the city.

Openning Time: 8: 30---19:00

Recommended visiting hours: 2hours

5. Mount Big Penholder 

On a little peninsular which is 1.5 Km long running from the south to the north and occupies an area of about 1 Km2, there are 3 peaks resembling three penholders. The biggest peak is therefore called Mount Big Penholder.

There are lots of ancient buildings on the mount, such as the Lvzu Pavilion, the Wumu Palace, Sanqing Attic, etc. among which the Sanqing Attic is the most famous. It is 26 meters tall and integrates the traditional architectural style and the western styles. There are altogether 43 stone statues of the Buddha. 

Get There: Take the long distance coaches.

Openning Time: 8:30—17:00

Suggested visiting time: 5 hours 

6. Twin Towers in Chongxing Temple Overview

The two towers are 43 meters apart. The east tower is 43 meters tall and the west tower is 42 meters tall. Both of them are 13 storied towers with 8 corners on the basis of solid bricks. The broad bases are decorated with a variety of carving patterns. For instance, there is a lion, a warrior carrying great weight and lotus flower. Almost all the decorations of the towers are completely kept. In the middle of the west tower, you can see a small stone inscription which was done in the 28th year when the emperor Wanli reigned in the Ming Dynasty. In 1963, Twin Towers in Chongxing Temple was listed among the first group of cultural relics under provincial-level protection.

Location: Northeast of Beizhen County, Jinzhou

Get There: Reach Beining City (Beizhen County) by bus from Jinzhou City or Goubangzi County. The traffic is always available. Then visitors can take the No. 1 Bus and get off at the Twin Tower Street and then walk to the scenic spot.
Ticket Price: 15 yuan per person

Openning Time: 8:00---19:00

Recommended visiting hours: 2 hours