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Jinzhou Economy

Jinzhou is one of the key business cities in China with a wide range of industries. It was once regarded as "a newly developed industrial area" in the 1960s. The  first transistor, quartz glass, nylon, electronic impact furnace, and artificial plastic flower were all made in Jinzhou. Jinzhou, focusing on petrochemical, new materials and deep processing of agricultural products, has formed a stable industry base, such as: electron, medicine, textile, etc. 

Jinzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone  

The Jinzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone was established in 1992. It is among the first province-level development zones approved by Liaoning Province. The development zone enjoys convenient transportation with easy access to Jinzhou Seaport, Jinzhou airport and several state highways.

Jinzhou Economic Development Zone was recently promoted to the national economic and technical development zone through the approval of the State Council to execute the existing policies for national economic and technical development zones. The promotion can not only drive the construction of new Jinzhou but further speed up the integration process of coastal urban agglomeration in western Liaoning to drive the revitalization of western Liaoning to promote the provincial opening up.