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Bars and Clubs in Jinzhou

If you are in the mood for drinking, dancing, and an all-night party you'll find what you're looking for at one of these Jinzhou clubs.

1. Little Raindrop Pub 

Add: No. 216-60, Xi'an Street  

Tel: 0416-2326546

2. Jinzhou Arts Tavern 

Add: No.27-61, Yichang Road, Guta District 

Tel: 0416-2210288       

3. Diansheng Teahouse

Add: No. 3, Luoyang Road  

Tel: 0416-3130021      

4. Fuzhou Teahouse 

Add: No. 109-6, Sanbao Street, Guta District   

Tel: 0416-2137194