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Shenyang Profile

Shenyang, previously known as Mukden, is the capital of Liaoning Province as well as the largest and most important industrial city in northern China. Located in the central area of Dongbei, compromising what was formerly Manchuria, the city is also a regional communication and transportation hub. In history, the region was little more than a barren steppe populated by nomadic tribes. During the 19th century, the abundance of natural resources in the Manchuria turned the area into a focal point, and became a strategically important land which western powers fought for. 

Japan gained dominance over the region in the early part of the 20th century and the area was rapidly industrialized under the Japanese, but its infrastructure was largely damaged during the war. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the region has been methodically rebuilt, and Shenyang had seen a continuous growth that in 1910 it had a population of 100,000 while by 1989 the population reached over 5.5 million.

Geography and Climate

Located in the temperate zone, Shenyang enjoys a sub-humid continental climate under the influence of monsoons. The city boasts four distinct seasons with long cold winter and rather hot summer. Spring and autumn seasons show short lived compared to summers and winters. The summer season sets in Shenyang in late April or early May and lasts till September. The average temperature in summer is 24 centigrade degree with July happens to be the hottest month. Shenyang throughout the year enjoys a pleasant weather except the winter season when it snows heavily and is chilly and dry. The rainfall is concentrated in Shenyang when it occurs mainly during the turn period from spring to summers and summers to autumn.

With mainly flat land, the topography of Shenyang is characterized by plains. Exactly speaking, the city is located at the juncture of the Liaohe Plain and offshoot of Changbai Mountain. While its western part is mainly dominated by plains, the eastern Shenyang is mountainous and covered with green forests and plants. Similar to other places in northeast China, the daily temperature shows great changes from day to night.

The best tourists’ season in Shenyang is between March and October when the temperature is moderate and the sunshine is adequate. The winter in Shenyang is absolutely pristine white, with snow engulfing the entire city. The city is hence a popular destination for winter games and festivals. If you would like to travel to Shenyang during this period, please bring down jacket or cotton-padded clothes. Spring season is the time when the entire city is covered by fresh colorful blooming flowers. The autumn season also enjoys a pleasant temperature with the sky remaining clear and fresh breeze blowing.

The table below illustrates the monthly temperature of Shenyang:

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