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Shopping and Leisure in Shenyang

Shenyang is the largest collecting and distributing center for commodities in the Northeast. It is a great experience to shop in the city because you can almost buy anything you want in Shenyang. Developing into an international city, Shenyang offers visitors numerous options to spend their leisure in the city. There are a lot of featured pubs, clubs and cafes in Shenyang where you can relax yourself and socialize with local friends. What’s more, visitors can also go skiing and watch the performances of Er’renzhuan.

Renowned Commercial Streets in Shenyang

Taiyuan Street—shopping heaven

Taiyuan Street is a renowned commercial street in northeast China and a large number of merchants gather here. There are more than 200 shops in the street, namely, the Shenyang Commercial Building, Shenyang New World Department Store, and so on. With over 400,000 customers a day, it is praised as the “Shopping heaven”. Today’s Taiyuan Street is drawing attention of more and more traders, including Wall-Mart, Times Warner, and the B&Q. etc.

Middle Street ---the earliest commercial street in the Northeast

Middle Street is a historical one which was located at the central part of Shenyang during the ancient time. Set up in 1636, it was the earliest commercial street in the Northeast. Nowadays Middle Street is a commercial pedestrian mall with a full length of 1500 meters. There are more than 300 shops attracting 500,000 to 600,000 of customers flow every day. Moreover, the street remains a historical appearance with some old buildings, namely, The Jishun Silk House, Tianyitang Pharmacy ,Zhonghefu Tea Store established in the Qing Dynasty; and Neijinsheng Shoe Shop, Taihe Store , Hengdeli Watch and Glasses Shop in the early years of Republic of China.

Xita Street---Night-town

Xita Street is the largest Korean nationality style street of China. It is famous for its night-town while it is also an area where ROK funded enterprises is concentrated. The street is abundant with restaurants, public place of entertainment, business shops as well as other place for leisure recreation.

Introduction to featured pubs and clubs

Hedong International Club

It is a club very popular in Shenyang. Customers need to order in advance if intend to go to the club.
Address: No.111, Zhongshan Road, Heping District
Tel: 024-22863699
Average Price per person: RMB 114

Samsara Pub

Samsara Pub is an old and famous pub in Shenyang with decoration in simple style, great bands, nice waiters and affordable price. The pub is so popular that if you get there after 22:00 in weekends, you will get no seat.
Address: No.184, Danan Street, Shenhe District
Tel: 024-24127725
Average Price per person: RMB 50

Party 98

It is a music club very popular in Shenyang; many local people regard it as the best music club in Shenyang.
Address: No14, Qima Road, North Taiyuan Street, Heping District
Tel: 024-23832046 or 23419988
Average Price per person: RMB 100

Recommended Cafes and Teahouses

25 Degree Café

Comfortable decoration and considerate details (there are novels or magazines on each table, both whole-closed and semi closed chartered rooms and delicious food). From 17:00 to 18:00 each day, the beverage there is two-for-one.
Address: No.19, Youhao Street, Shenhe District
Tel: 024-28551225
Average Price per person: RMB 55

Starbucks Coffee

It will be a nice way to spend a night in Starbucks Coffee with listening to the gentle music, having some coffee, chattering with friends or just enjoying the quiet of the night.
Address: No.95, North Taiyuan Street, Heping District
Tel: 024-23839977
Average Price per person: RMB 38

Tangming Pavilion

With simple and elegant decoration, exquisite tea sets and chartered rooms in different styles, Tangming Pavilion is boasted as the best teahouse in Shenyang. What’s more, Muslim dishes are available there.
Address: No.399, Shifu Avenue, Shenhe District
Tel: 024-22724333
Average Price per person: RMB 172

Hejing Garden

It is one of the most popular teahouses in Shenyang with nice and quiet environment, exquisite dishes and wonderful tea ceremony performance.
Address: No.1, Wenyi Road, Shenhe District
Tel: 024-23239777
Average Price per person: RMB 98