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Food in Shenyang

Originated from Manchu cuisine, Shenyang dining boasts distinctive features with exquisite, time-honored cooking skills. Recorded in history, the region was used to be governed by the Han nationality. As a result, the renowned Man-Han Banquet is known to be the most representative of traditional dishes in Shenyang. Also inhabited with various minor nationalities, the city is favored of many unique folk snacks, such as Muslim and Manchu snacks.

Like many other big cities in China, besides the authentic traditional local cuisine, you can find other Chinese cuisines as well as western food in Shenyang. You can also find some fast food chains like KFC, Pizza Hut and so on in Shenyang.

Special Dishes

Laobian Dumpling: This kind of dumpling is made into unique shape with particular selected ingredients and tasty flavor. Except being steamed and boiled, this kind of dumpling can be baked or fried.

Li Lian Gui Smoked Meat Large Flatbread: The Li Lian Smoked Meat Large flatbread has a history of over 140 years. The smoked meet is greasy but not fat with thick smoked fragrance and purple red color. The large flatbread tastes delicate fragrant with multiple layers which is soft and crisp.

Goubangzi Smoked Chicken: With bright purplish red color and delicious flavor, it tastes tender, soft but with threadlike shreds in mouth which will leave endless aftertaste.

Yangjia Egg Cake: With a flavor of bittern, the cake tastes tender and refreshing.

Ma Jia Steamed Dumpling: Ma Jia steamed dumpling is the Hui People's shack of specialty of Shenyang area, which has a history of more than 200 years. The steamed dumpling is made of dough prepared with boiling water, with soft tendon and rice fleur as subsidiary fleur, soft but not sticky. The stuff is made of beef with special condiments which makes it tastes delicious and fragrant.

Introduction to featured Restaurants in Shenyang


Laobian Dumpling Restaurant

It is Shenyang's special flavor renowned at home, which has a history of over 160 years. With particular selected ingredients and delicate making, it has a tasty flavor and unique shape. Except being steamed and boiled, this kind of dumpling can be baked or fried.

Add: No.57 lst N.City           
Tel: (86-24) 22721819

Ma Jia Steamed Dumpling Restaurant 
Add: No. 24 Zheng Yang Street   
Tel: (86-24) 24845218

Li Lian Gui Smoked Meat Large Flatbread 
Add: No.4 Zhen Yang St. 2nd Section
Tel: (86-24) 24119407

Fuyunlong Restaurant
Add: Door 1, No.25, Huanghenan Street. (On the diagonally opposite position of Siyuan)
Tel: 024-86226488

Baidiyuan Restaurant
No.72 Tumen Road
Tel: 024-23740008

The Earl Western Cusine Restaurant
Add: No.15, Shisanwei Road (on the opposite position of Dongyu Building)
Tel: 024-23870234

Wanzai Tea Restaurant
Add: The 1st Floor on building A of Huayang Building, No.386, Qinglian Street.
Tel: 024-23180669