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SICAS Financial Aid Scholarship
Award Type SICAS Financial Aid Scholarship - Provided by Study In China Admission System

This scholarship is established by SICAS exclusively intended to guarantee that excellent international students in financial difficulties can have equal chance to enjoy SICAS"Plus Service Package". The scholarships will be granted based on SICAS independent assessment of the applicants. The Financial Aid scholarship will help to deduct corresponding amount from the whole amount of the recipients' SICAS Plus fees.
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Amount: 500 USD for each winner of the first prize
300 USD for each winner of second prize
200 USD for each winner of third prize
Quota: 5 winners for first prize
8 winners for second prize
10 winners for third prize
Eligible Candidates: 1.Applicants who want to use SICAS"Plus Service Package".
1.Applicants who are under the following two cicumstances: financial difficulties.
B. with outstanding grades
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Application deadline: Tuesday, 30 August 2016
1. Comply with the requirements for Chinese university application.
2. Non-Chinese citizens in good health.
3. Abide by all the laws and regulations of China, all the school rules, and respect the societal traditions and customs.
4. Apply any course through SICAS and decide to use SICAS "Plus Service Package".
1. Apply for any course through SICAS and complete application step 1,2,3.
2. Decide to use SICAS "Plus Service Package" and fill out the SICAS Financial Aid Application Form. 3. Sign SICAS "Plus Service Package" Agreement.
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Terms and Conditions: 1. SICAS will make their selection based on the grade sheet and materials submitted by the applicants
2. The SICAS scholarship assessment team has the power to interpret applicants' grades and materials as they see fit.
3. Students who violate the laws of China or the rules of their university will forfeit opportunities to apply to SICAS scholarships again.
4. SICAS has the right to put the scholarship recipients' name, gender, nationality, and application statement on the SICAS scholarship webpage.
5. Applicants are still eligible for the application of any other scholarships in case they've already been a recipient of a SICAS Financial Aid scholarship.
6. SICAS reserves the final right of enforcing and explaining the detailed rules of implementation.
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1. Scholarship Application Form
2. Proof of financial difficulty issued by applicant' school of graduation, or organizations in which applicant's parents work, or related government department.
3. Photocopy of the Admission Letter for this University
4. Photocopy of Valid Passport
5. A: Certificate of highest education; B: Academic Transcript of highest education
(The Application Form and templete of financial difficulty proof can be found in Download Center . All materials should be sent to and applicant's SICAS advisor.)
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