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China has seen a surge of foreign students with numbers hitting a record high of 256,000 in 2010, and Chinese government launched the "Study in China Project" which plans to attract 500,000 foreign students by 2020, after a series of bilateral educational cooperation programs are launched in 2010. Under such circumstances, many outstanding Chinese universities and colleges have worked out their own scholarship schemes to recruit excellent foreign students and attract scholars and instructors. A variety of scholarships are available for applicants and they are expected to apply directly to their university that they have chosen.

1. What are the basic requirements?

It is true that requirements vary with the university, but there are a few basic requirements that should be known. It is required that applicants comply with the laws and decrees of the Chinese Government and observe the rules and regulations of the related university, as well as be in good health condition. Applicants are not able to be awarded any other kind of scholarship simultaneously. Those applying for bachelor’s degrees are required to have graduated from a high school, those applying for master’s study are required to own a bachelor’s diploma, and those applying for doctoral study are required to be a master’s degree graduate, etc.

2. When can applicants apply for a scholarship?

It is the type of scholarship that determines the application deadline. Usually, those intended to apply for scholarships such as "Freshmen Scholarship”, "Degree Scholarship” and “President Scholarship” are demanded to hand in application materials to the scholarship office of the university directly at least three months before the beginning of each new semester. Other scholarships such as the “Outstanding Scholarship”, “Yiersan Chinese Culture Scholarship” and "OEC Chinese Scholarship”, will be awarded When they are studying at the university in light of students’ performance.

3. What is the application procedure?

The universities are available for students to apply to and students should hand in their application materials. Profiles will be comprehensively evaluated by the admission office taking charge of scholarships and the qualified students will be approved by the outstanding group of the scholarship office.

4. What application materials do applicants need?

In most cases, students should submit the Application Form for Scholarship of the university. Applicants are demanded to provide the following documents along with the application: a notarized copy of highest diploma, a photocopy of passport, a passport-sized photo, and other related materials.

5. Approval and Notification

The admissions office sees to the work of reviewing the application materials. The list of successful candidates will be published by the office on the university official website and those accepted will get the Admission Notice.

Here is a list of the universities offering scholarships for foreign students.

·Beijing Language and Culture University
·Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
·Beihang University
·Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
·BFSU-SolBridge International School of Business
·China University of Petroleum – Beijing
·Capital Normal University  
·Capital Institute of Physical Education
·China University of Political Science and Law    

· Donghua University 
· East China University of Science and Technology 
· East China Normal University 
· Fudan University 
· Shanghai International Studies University  
· The Sino-British College, USST

· Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
· Chongqing University
· Southwest University

· Dalian University of Foreign Languages
· Liaoning Normal University

· China Pharmaceutical University
· Nanjing University of Science and Technology
· Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
· Nanjing Medical University  

· China University of Petroleum
· Ocean University of China 
· Qingdao Technological University 

· Shandong University

· Binzhou University

· Guangxi Normal University

· Guangxi Medical University 

· Hebei Medical University

· Zhejiang Forestry University
· Zhejiang Gongshang University
· Zhejiang University of Science and Technology

· Huazhong Unversity of Science and Technology
· Hubei University
· Wuhan University

· Hunan University

· Harbin Engineering University 

· Jiangnan University 

· Jiangsu University
· Kunming University of Science and Technology  

· Leshan Teachers College

· Nanchang University

· Sichuan University
· Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

· South China Normal University
· South China University of Technology

· Tianjin University of Finance and Economics 

· Wenzhou University

· Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

· Xiamen University
· Yanshan University
· Zhengzhou University