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SICAS Scholarships

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SICAS offers a wide range of scholarships for international students to study in China. If you apply China universities through SICAS, you will have the opportunities to apply SICAS scholarships and other scholarships. Click here to own a SICAS account.

SICAS University Scholarships 

Based on mutual educational exchange agreements with the corresponding governments, organizations, and universities, SICAS and the regarding parties have established SICAS University Scholarships to encourage more and more excellent foreign students to study in China. SICAS University Scholarships will be awarded ONLY to foreign students who will study or conduct research at Appointed Chinese Universities.

SICAS Outstanding Students Scholarship 
This scholarship is established by SICAS exclusively intended to encourage excellent international students to apply Chinese universities through SICAS. The scholarship amount may cover or supplement your tuition fee so the actual amount will be equal to the tuition fee (if the tuition fee is less than $2000) or the amount will be $2000 (if tuition fee exceeds 2000).