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Chinese Official Scholarship

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To attract more and more international students coming to study in China, Chinese government arranges a series of scholarships to provide financial support for them. The following lists are collected by SICAS for your reference.

Chinese Government Scholarships
With the purpose of promoting understanding and friendship between the Chinese people and people from all over the world, the Chinese government sets up various scholarship schemes to offer financial support for international students and scholars to undertake studies and research in Chinese institutions of higher education. 

Local Government Scholarships
The local government scholarships are set by Chinese municipal governments to fund foreign students and scholars. Altogether 11 scholarships of this type are provided and listed here for your reference.
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Confucius Institute Scholarship

  The Confucius Institute Scholarship Program was established by Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters in order to encourage students and Chinese language teachers all over the world to study Chinese or conduct research regarding Chinese language and culture in China.