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Application for 2020 PKU International Students Academic Award

PKU International Students Academic Award is awarded by Peking University to international students at PKU who are not only outstanding in virtue but also in their academic field. The 2020 Academic award is now open for application. Students who fulfill the requirements listed below are required to complete the scholarship application and submit the documents required in full to be nominated for the scholarship.



Criteria and Eligibility

Applicants must be PKUs graduating undergraduate students, masters students or PhD candidates. (students in their final year)


1. Applicants may only apply once during their entire studies at PKU. Students who delayed graduation and had applied for the scholarship are ineligible to apply.

2. Graduate students in one-year Master's programs or joint degree programs are ineligible to apply.

3. Students who have violated the Chinese Government laws and regulations, PKU rules or failed to meet the passing line in any subjects are ineligible to apply.

4. Students who are recipients of other scholarship awards are eligible to apply.



Application materials

Undergraduate students:

1. Application form for undergraduate students, please note that Self-Assessment is required to complete and signature by the student; 

2. Academic transcript with the average GPA stated;

3. Supplementary materials (not required but can be attached as reference): recommendation letter(s), documents which serve as academic feedback etc.

Graduate students:

1. Application Form for graduate students, please note that Self-Assessment signature requiredand Supervisors Comments are required; 

2. Academic transcript;

3. Two letters of recommendation from professors of your department.

4. Papers published (including front page of the periodical where paper was issued, the page of contents of the periodical, and abstract of paper (if any)).

5. List of published papers.Please click on the link to download the format required.



Application Instructions

Application period: Applicants must submit all the application materials required from October 22nd to 24:00, October 30th 2020(Beijing Time) 

Late submission will not be considered, with no exceptions permitted.

Email Title should be named as: 2020 PKU International Students Academic Award+department/school+program of study+student ID No.



Scholarship scheme

The scholarship award is categorized into 4 categories with different amount.

1. First Prize for PhD Candidates: 10,000RMB

2. Second Prize for PhD Candidates: 5,000RMB

3. Prize for Master's Students: 5,000RMB

4. Prize for Undergraduate Students: 4,000RMB



Review Methods and Standards

1. Candidates should register on time, take courses according to their academic requirements and achieve excellent academic results;

2. Undergraduate students must complete 90% of their compulsory courses (including major-required courses and common required core courses) by the end of their third academic year. The ranking for this award is conducted according to the average CGPA and the overall performance of required courses.

3. Graduate students will be evaluated according to their course examination results, academic accomplishment as well as research and innovation ability;

4. PhD candidate applying for the first prize must have papers published on professional official publications; the author affiliation should be Peking University and the papers must be published during the applicant's study at Peking University.



vi. Release of 1st round results and appeal application: Late November

vii. Announcement of scholarship award: Beginning of December



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