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Estimated cost of living (For your reference)

Accommodation:   approximately 30,000 RMB/year
Board (meals):       approximately 15,000 RMB/year
Transportation and other miscellaneous costs: approximately 5,000 RMB/yea

Tuition (per person per year)

Chinese-medium programs

Humanities Subject

Science Subjects

Undergraduate Program

26,000 RMB

30,000 RMB

Master’s Program

29,000 RMB

33,000 RMB

Doctorate Program

32,000 RMB

40,000 RMB

Pre-University Program

26,000 RMB

Short-term Programs

3100 RMB/2 weeks, 3600 RMB/3 weeks, 4200 RMB/4 weeks
5500 RMB/6 weeks, 6900 RMB/8 weeks, 13600 RMB/semester


English-medium programs

Tuition (per person per year)

IPHD (master and doctor degree)

32,000 RMB

LSE – PKU Double Degree in Public Policy

80,000 RMB

Master of Laws (LL.M.)

80,000 RMB

Master Program in International Relations

60,000 RMB

Master Program in Public Policy

40,000 RMB


94,000 RMB

Biomedical Engineering Joint Ph.D. Program

40,000 RMB