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Students services

Package Service

SICAS service will make your admission to the top university get


Review and delivery of application materials: SICAS will make sure your application is complete and error-free, and deliver it to the university on your behalf.
Study abroad guarantee: Although it is impossible to guarantee that 100% of applicants will meet the high requirements of these elite universities, SICAS will assist unsuccessful applicants apply to another university of their choice and refund their application fee.

>>Faster and Easier

Fully-online application service: including: up-to-date and accurate application and course information, online submission of application documents and payment, track your application progress online or by email
School application fees paid on your behalf. Most schools require applicants pay via bank transfer. However, SICAS applicants enjoy the convenience of a selection of secure online and offline payment options, including PayPal and Western Union.

>>More Convenient

Support and enquiry service: Applicants can contact SICAS by phone, email or Facebook for assistance with course selection or other problems encountered at any point in the application process.
One airport pickup: to guarantee your smooth arrival in China and transfer to your place of accommodation.
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>>Additional services (only for undergraduate and Chinese taught postgraduate)

Collect and deliver examination materials and ID: SICAS will assist students obtain their entrance examination ID and relevant preparation materials with delivery via DHL.
Entrance exam preparation course: For those in need, SICAS will help organize a preparation course for the university entrance exam.
Accommodation information and booking: As you may not be able to stay on campus during your exam or interview, SICAS will provide information regarding hotels in the vicinity of your university and help you book, if required.
Notice: Additional services for those applying to undergraduate and Chinese taught post-graduate courses do not attract an additional fee.