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introduction to Peking University

About Us


The 2008 English Version of Peking University Web Portal (or English Web Portal, EWP for short) has made its debut on Nov.20th, 2008. Visitors, whether at home or abroad, are all welcome.

EWP, as a gateway to the world,  will be of great importance to Peking University in intellectual resource sharing, information dissemination and image building. A well-designed portal will help to strengthen our solidarity with overseas alumni and attract more universities or institutes abroad in cooperation or exchange with Peking University for academic development. No doubt the image of our university will be enhanced, accordingly.

At present, EWP has 12 divisions, namely: News & Events, About PKU, Schools & Departments, Admission, Academics & Research, Administration, Employment, Campus Life, Health Science Center, Library,Giving to PKU, Alumni. The functional areas mainly include search, sitemap and other web auxiliary features.
EWP is launched by the Office of Informatization, which spearheads the effort in content layout, organization and overall coordination. The Computer Center is in charge of operational maintenance and technical support, while the Office of the President, Office of International Relations and News Center, along with schools and service sections concerned, are co-responsible for information gathering and maintenance.
EWP has been under construction since March, 2008. During the course, a leadership team and a work team have been formed for its design and maintenance. Informed by assiduous study and careful research, the work team members try to perfect the EWP functional design, optimize the technical platform, adjust & improve the content for each item. They also help to provide information on teaching, research & social service, enrich web content and improve service provision for a better result.