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Nanning has convenient travel system, taxi and bus is available for travel needs. Ask taxi driver for receipts which is the clue to contact with Taxi Company if there were problems. Student should obey Traffic Law, especially those who drive motorcycle.
1. Motorcycle registration and driving license are necessary for driving.
2. Traffic police officer reserves right to cancel one’s driving license, fine or put into detention if one driving without license, drink driving, speeding or insist on violating traffic law.
Document Safety
Keep personal documents safely, such as passports,student cards, campus cards and etc. In the case of any lost, contact local newspaper immediately for a declaration of invalidity.
Personal Safety
Improve security measures to prevent traffic accidents, fire, theft, personal injury and other accidents. If encounter unexpected situations, do not panic, stay calm, contact International Student Office immediately.
Medical Insurance
According to the requirement of Chinese government, international students who study in China for more than 6 months should buy medical insurance. Insurance compensation covers fees for staying in hospital and fees for accidental injury, except out-patient fees. Chinese government pays for CSC students (scholarship students supported by Chinese government). The rest of the students need to pay medical insurance. According to related regulations of Guangxi Medical University, the medical insurance cost is CNY600.00 annually per student. Students can claim medical expenses by providing clinic invoices to the International Student Office. The annual reimbursement amount is CNY420.00.
Useful Telephone Numbers

Campus Order and Extra-curricular Activity
1. International students shall conscientiously abide by the generally accepted moral standards of Chinese citizens and school management system to create and maintain civilized, clean, beautiful and safe learning and living environment; do not have drinking,fighting and brawling, gambling, drug abuse, the distribution, reproduction and sale of illegal books and audio-visual products and other behaviors in violation of public security management provisions; do not participate in illegal pyramid schemes and make the cult and feudal superstition activities; do not engage in or participate in activities prejudicial to public morality.

2. Any religious proselytizing is not allowed on the campus

3. International students can participate in the school student groups established after approval. Student groups shall conduct activities within the scope of constitution, laws, regulations and the school management system and accept the leadership and management of the school.

4. Students are welcome to participate in positive activities in academic, technology, art, entertainment, sport and other extracurricular as long as such activities do not affect the scheduled classes, teaching requirements or the established living routine.

5. The school encourages, supports and guides students to participate in social practices, and provide necessary assistance according to the actual situations.