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Accommodation and facilities

School of International Education has four student dormitory buildings; different types of rooms are available: single,twin and triple room. Kitchen and bathroom are included. The room is fully equipped including bed,desk,bookcase,bedding and etc.

Building No.3

Twin Room: CNY9,840 per year (with Kitchen,bathroom,water heater,fan,IC phone)

Twin Room :CNY12,300 per year(with Kitchen,bathroom,water heater,air-conditioning,TV,refrigerator,washing machine,IC phone)

Building No.4

Twin Room: CNY9,840 per year (with Kitchen,bathroom,air-conditioning,water heater,fan,IC phone)

Checking in
New students must pay accommodation fees,deposit and other related fees before getting the room key and housing items in the Dormitory Management Division.

Electricity Policy
According to the time to hand over the accommodation fees,a certain amount of electricity will be supplied for free. 100 units of electricity are free for each room per month,the exceeded amount are paid by students.

Dormitory Front Door Administrative Time
School of International Education opens at 6:00am and closes at 12:00am.Students must comply with campus regulations. Any activities that influence others are prohibited at lunch time and after 11:00pm.

Dormitory Regulation
The dormitory is for student use only; guests are not allowed to stay overnight. In case of marriage or pregnancy while at school,student should move out of the dormitory for not affecting other students.

Visitors Policy
Visitors are required to show valid identification and fill out Visiting Registration Form. Security officer will verify all the information and a visiting permit will be given.
When visitor leaves,visitors must returned the visiting permit to security officer with resident host’s signature on it. Security officer record the time visitor leaves. All the visiting must be ended before 11:00pm.

Network Service
There are network interface in the room. Please go to the Information Center in the university library if internet service is needed. The connection fee is CNY50.00; internet fee is CNY20.00 per month.

Living outside the campus
International students are required to live in the international students’ hostel inside the campus. Students who want to apply for shifting out should follow the procedures:
1) Submit individual application,parental consent letter,proof of all fees paid up for the year and hardcopy of rental certificate or house property certificate of rental housing owner;
2) Fill out the Registration Form of Temporary Login Registration Form in the local police station of the public security organ;
3) Sign the off-campus housing agreement and guarantee with the school.

Note: Student who lives outside should obey Chinese laws and regulations, respect local custom and social morality,and at the same time, increase consciousness of personal security.