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Tuition fee and other fees

Note: All fees calculation in this handbook is in RMB currency.

Registration Fee


Tuition Fees(CNY

Undergraduate Program (Chinese)

CNY23,000 per year

Undergraduate Program (English)

CNY30, 000 per year

Master’s Degree Program

CNY30,000 per year

Advanced Studies Program

CNY 30,000 per year

Doctoral Degree Program

CNY 40,000 per year

Chinese Language Student

CNY12,500 per year

Short Term Student

CNY10,000 Yuan for 3 months

Chinese Course Materials

CNY700 per year

HSK(Chinese) Exam Fee


Residence Permit Fee

Less than1 year


1-3 years


3-5 years


Health Check Fee


Student Management Fee

CNY10, 000 for student who participate clinic practice in home country.

Refund Policy

1) For dropout or transfer of student for any reason, the collected tuition fees cannot be refunded and transferred. The accommodation fees are refunded in month of the 10-month year.
2) For the refund caused by the variation of paid fees due to accommodation adjustment and other reasons, fill out the Fees Variation Form for International Students of Guangxi Medical University and handle it according to related procedures.
3) For the schooling suspension of student, related fees can be refunded according to dropout regulations.