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As each semester commenced, students must register in person on the stipulated date with student ID. Registration is required to be completed within one week after the semester commenced. All the international student registration is completed in International Student Office. Those who are unable to register within one week are required to produce an explanation in advance. Those who do not have any adequate explanation or do not have the approval to delay registration period are considered to be absent. Those who failed to register for more than two weeks without adequate explanation is considered as voluntary withdrawal.
Ⅰ. For new student
1. To register for the entrance, every student must provide the admission letter,Visa Application for Study in China (form JW-201 or 202), original and a copy of valid passport to International student office;
2. Pay tuition fees, accommodation expense, medical insurance, housing deposit and other related fees;
3. Settle down after receiving room key from the Dormitory Management Division by providing payment receipt. 
4. Follow school’s instruction to conduct medical examination and to proceed the application of residence permit within specific timeline.
5. Participate in school curriculum activities according to arrangements.
Ⅱ. For existing student
1. Existing students must register annually, return to school on time after holiday, and sign in at student counselor’s office with student ID when return.
2. Those who are unable to register on time must submit a written request for extension.
3. Those that are unable to pay the fees due to specific reasons are required to submit a written request, limited extension may be allowed subject upon approval.Those who have been given an extension and still failed to pay the tuition and other fees within one month will be asked to withdraw. Those who failed to register on time without submitting a request for leave are treated as voluntary withdrawal.
Note: Please see the latest notice for the exact date for registration each semester.
Academic Structure and Length of Study
The undergraduate program includes: Six-year program (taught in English), Five-year program and four-year program. The university implements flexible study duration system: Four-year students can complete their studies within seven years (including suspension); Five-year students can complete their studies within eight years (including suspension); Six-year students can complete their studies in nine years (including suspension).

Term Arrangement
There are 18 to 20 weeks of teaching arrangements in a semester. The last 2 weeks is review and exam period. Summer holidays are usually 8 weeks, from early July to the end of August; winter holidays are usually 4 weeks, from mid January to the end of February. Please refer to the school calendar for specific time.