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International communication

Frequent international communication and cooperation. GXMU have established relationships of cooperation and exchange with the universities, research institutions and hospitals of 54 countries and areas, the U.S. Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, etc. And foreign scholars from many countries and regions have been to GXMU for academic exchanges and visits. Meanwhile, GXMU successively sent over 400 of its staff members abroad to give lectures, study, pursue degrees, and/or attend international conferences and lectures.

 In the history of 74 years, our school has followed and developed the tradition in school-running, Create medical professionals for Guangxi, who serve the local people of the province and with generations of pioneering and hardworking, has developed from a then medical college into one medical university of today ------ the center for higher medical education, research clinical medicine, preventive medicine and health care in Guangxi. In a new period of development, teachers and students of the school, with pragmatism, innovation, progress and enterprise as foundation for its development, are applying the Scientific Outlook on Development to our work, improving teaching quality and advancing colligate strength of our school for the purpose of building up a medical university with local feature and teaching-researching orientation.