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Kaifeng Economy

Kaifeng City is rich in Mineral Resources, Water Resources, and Power Supply. Kaifeng City has a great variety of industrial and a strong industrial foundation. 

The main industries sectors are light industry, textile, pharmacy, foodstuff, cigarette, electric power, machinery, electronics, chemicals, and construction materials etc. with the light industry, foodstuff, machinery, electronics, chemical industries and pharmacy as pillar industry.

Henan Kaifeng Economic Development Zone

Kaifeng Economic and Technological Development Zone is a provincial development zone that was set up in 1992. And it was entitled Kaifeng High and New Technological Industrial Park. It is located in the west of Kaifeng and close to the old town, with an overall planning area of 82 sqkm.

After the construction and development of more than ten years, the infrastructure of the development zone has covered an area of 20 sqkm, of which 15 sqkm has been completely built up, including six major areas: modern industry, finance and insurance, administration, trade and business service, culture and education, and top-grade house. A new beautiful modern multi-functional urban area is taking shape.