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Nightlife in Kaifeng

In this old city,  it is interesting to take a leisurely stroll or do some hard bargaining in the night market. If you want something livelier, the Hangtian Night Club, allegedly is the most well equipped entertainment center in the city, with karaoke, disco and billiards room is also available.

Taking a walk on Bookstore Street at night in Kaifeng city would be also a wonderful experience for you. Firstly, the buildings on two sides of this street have a long history. And at night there are a lot of local people here buying and selling different interesting things like crafts, paintings, books, porcelain, clothes, sometimes even dogs and other small animals. You will surely love this street whenever you take a walk here. After a long walk, if you are worn, you can buy a cup of almond tea or some local snacks. Generally speaking, taking a walk here at night is a good choice for you.


1. Bar

Veteran Bar

Add:Drum Tower Plaza,Kaifeng,Henan

2. KT

Love100 KTV

Add:69 Wuyi Road,Kaifeng,Henan

Hong Kong Coliseum KTV

Add: Middle Circle, Kaifeng City, Henan Province 
Henan Hotel KT

Add: The third floor of Henan hotels, Sihou Road, Kaifeng ,Henan

3. Cinema

Kaifeng Cinema

Address: 70 South Street, Kaifeng,Henan