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A. Apartment for student
Two-bedroom apartments with separate bathroom (shower bathtub).
Color TV, refrigerator, air-conditioner, telephone and Internet outlet will be provided, some with an additional kitchen.
1.Hot water supplied all day round and free Internet at present.
2.At the end of the semester, students can still keep paying student’s price for another ten days.
3.Rooms for couples are currently unavailable.

B. Housing
Local dwelling houses near the campus are also available.
Now there are 2 apartments for the International Students:


Single bedroom

Twin room

No.1 Apartment

84RMB Yuan /room *day

(more than 3 months)

42RMB Yuan/bed* day

(more than 3 months)


100RMB Yuan/room*day(less than 3 months)

50RMB Yuan /bed* day (less than 3 months)

No.2 Apartment

90RMB Yuan/room* day

45RMB Yuan /bed* day

Additional explanation
Each room is provided with independent toilet, air-conditioning, color TV set, telephone and internet interface.