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About BUPT

With information technology and telecommunications as its distinct characteristic, research-oriented Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications teaches subjects including engineering, management, humanities and sciences, most of which are related to applied science and engineering. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications is renowned for innovation in advanced research and learning in information and communication technology. It now serves as one of the most important teaching and research bases for information technology and telecommunication industry in China.

Western school gate              Overlook of Shahe Campus      

Western school gate                                        Overlook of Shahe Campus
BUPT is one of the 56 universities in China that are authorized to formally form a Graduate school by the General Office of the Academic Degree of the State Council after a long time of painstaking experiment. The Graduate School has developed complete graduate programs that cover the disciplines of engineering, science, economics, administration, law and philosophy. It is also one of the earliest universities in China that has officially been authorized to offer doctoral and master programs.

BUPT has fourteen schools. Currently, BUPT has over 16,200 full-time students and 12,000 long-distance and E-learning students, among full-time students there are 10,800 undergraduate students, 4650 master students and 805 doctoral students.

BUPT endeavors to foster students mentally and academically. Except for their daily academic studies, students take an active part in various national and international contests. Every year BUPT students take part in the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, National and International Undergraduate Math Modeling Contest and many other contests. Their achievements are always among the best of the successful higher learning institutions competing in China. In the International Math Modeling Contest in the United States in 2004, four delegations of BUPT won the First-Class Award and two delegations won the Second-Class Award, taking first place among the institutions of higher learning that participated in the contest.

BUPT has one ministry-level Engineering Center under the leadership of Ministry of Education-“Research Center of Information Network Engineering”, and one National University Science Park-“Information Valley”.

BUPT possesses all the top experimental instruments necessary for Information and Communication sciences, with one of the highest instrument-value to student ratios among all of China’s higher educational institutions. And BUPT’s library houses 970,000 books of 152,000 kinds, notably providing first-class modern data retrieval and information inquiry services.

BUPT is one of the national key universities combing various specialties in engineering, management, humanities, sciences and language. This university mainly trains students working for the PhD, the master’s and bachelor’s degrees.

BUPT is located in the north of the 3rd loop of China’s Capital, a cultural and educational region with many famous universities in it. The campus of BUPT faces Tucheng Park, the ruins of ancient Yuan Dynasty capital walls, and Xiaoyue River scenic area. It has a quiet, comfortable environment and is very convenient for transportation.
Spacious playground             Building of Science and Technology

Spacious playground                                        Building of Science and Technology
In order to promote cultural exchanges with other countries and enhance mutual understanding and friendly relationship with peoples the world over, BUPT has held short-term or long-term Chinese language courses since 1986 and achieved great success in this field. The participants were from various counties, including Japan, U.S.A. Canada, France, Sweden, Great Britain, Republic of Korea, Spain,Denmark, Russia etc. Through these courses, BUPT has trained a great number of foreigners to acquire a very good knowledge of Chinese.

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications warmly welcomes those who have interest in studying Chinese as well as other subjects.