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City: Hechi University City Mapmap Guilin
University Tier: Ordinary National
International Students: 200
StudentsTotal: 25,000
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Accommodation: On campus
Postcode: 546300
Address: map No.42 Longjiang Road, Yizhou District, Hechi, Guangxi, P. R. China
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Academic Staff .●HCU has over 800 teaching and administrative staff. There are more than 600 members of the teaching faculty, of which about 200 are associate professors and professors. 78% of the academic staff hold a master’s or a doctor’s degree. ●A high proportion of teachers have both working and teaching experience and they bring their strengths in innovation and the application and practice of their subjects. Professional Disciplines and Programs ●The University offers courses in nine disciplines covering economics, law, pedagogy, literature, history, science, engineering, management and art. ●Developing writing skills, teacher education and heritage research on traditional sports of ethnic minorities constitute some of the main areas on which the school is focused. ●The schools’diversity of courses not only include the main professional and academic courses but also include courses covering folk culture, tourism,and experiencing the tastes and cultures of local food and native products . ● Teaching methods are flexible and diverse, with theory and practice closely combined. The practice of learning by doing guarantees the quality of developing intellectual talents.
SICAS Comments
 Hechi University (HCU) has over 60 years of history since its foundation in 1951. There are about 13, 000 full-time students studying for either degrees or diplomas. HCU is located in the Yizhou District of Hechi City in the northwestern part of Guangxi Autonomous Region. Yizhou, which has more than 2,000 years of history and a rich cultural legacy, is set in a picturesque landscape with convenient transportation. HCU’s campus has a wonderful environment, being surrounded by beautiful mountains and clear rivers. Adhering to the school motto “Loyalty and dedication, perseverance and honesty,simplicity and modesty, goodness and harmony”, HCU forges ahead and has grown into a comprehensive and application-oriented university with distinctive characteristics and coordinated development of arts and sciences.
Course Degree
Chinese Language Program(1 semester) (Long-Term Chinese Language Class) Non-Degree English 09.2022 07 30, 2022 3500 150
Chinese Language Program(2 years) (Long-Term Chinese Language Class) Non-Degree English 09.2022 07 30, 2022 5500 150
Chinese Language Program(1 year) (Long-Term Chinese Language Class) Non-Degree English 09.2022 07 30, 2022 5500 150