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Why Study in HEU

Academic Staff

●HCU has over 800 teaching and administrative staff. There are more than 600 members of the teaching faculty, of which about 200 are associate professors and professors. 78% of the academic staff hold a master’s or a doctor’s degree.

●A high proportion of teachers have both working and teaching experience and they bring their strengths in innovation and the application and practice of their subjects.

Professional Disciplines and Programs

●The University offers courses in nine disciplines covering economics, law, pedagogy, literature, history, science, engineering, management and art.

●Developing writing skills, teacher education and heritage research on traditional sports of ethnic minorities constitute some of the main areas on which the school is focused.

●The schools’diversity of courses not only include the main professional and academic courses but also include courses covering folk culture, tourism,and experiencing the tastes and cultures of local food and native products .

● Teaching methods are flexible and diverse, with theory and practice closely combined. The practice of learning by doing guarantees the quality of developing intellectual talents.

Campus and Facilities

●HCU is located in the northwestern part of Guangxi Autonomous Region, which enjoys a rich ethnic cultural legacy. The campus is set in a picturesque landscape surrounded by beautiful mountains and clear river. The climate here is quite pleasant.

● HCU is fully equipped with a variety of facilities enabling students to enjoy superior living conditions. Apartment buildings for international students are fully equipped with air-conditioner, free WIFI, and water heaters etc.

● A computer network covers all of the University, which makes network services faster and more convenient. Access to books and information are available any time for teachers and students.

Educational Openness to the World

●Adhering to the policy of opening-up to the world, HCU has been welcoming students from around the globe to study with us and committed to promoting cross-strait cultural exchanges.

● HCU has established regular exchanges and cooperation with many universities and institutes abroad. In particular, HCU is working with a number of colleges in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia with whom it is carrying out extensive academic exchanges and cooperation.