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Welcome to CUMT

China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) is one of the key comprehensive universities in China, Who is characterized for mining and gives priority to engineering disciplines while also endeavoring to ensure harmonious development with other disciplines such as science, liberal art, management, law and economics.

CUMT has been recruiting international students since 1954, and it is qualified to receive students supported by Chinese Government Scholarships. At present, CUMT has over 100 international students from 19 countries in Asia, Africa, South America and Oceania students on Campus for Chinese language and culture studies and for other degree programs. CUMT provides professional management ans services for international students, including sufficient staff and well-found accommodations.

Also, international students will experience meaningful lives in Xuzhou with experiences on Chinese language and culture and also enjoy professional studies along with colorful activities on campus. CUMT, depends on its unique location and outstanding teaching and researching quality, stand out among its fellow universities. The mild climate, picturesque scenery along with the profound culture of Han Dynasty will definitely provide international students a unique experience.

Besides, the high quality of education and reasonable daily consumption standard in Xuzhou will make international students feel the value for money.

CUMT warmly welcome students and scholars all over the world to come her for study, research and cooperation !

CUMT Scholarship

Content and types:

Class A (all tuition fees, for Master and Doctoral students):

RMB 16200 CNY (MS) or 15,400 CNY (MA) per year for Master students,

RMB 17,000 CNY per year for Doctoral students.

Class B+ (only for Bachelor students)

RMB 8,800 CNY (BA)

RMB 9,600 CNY (BA)

Class B (50% tuition fees):

RMB 6,900 CNY (BA)or 7,300 CNY (BS) per year for Bachelor students,

RMB 7,700 CNY (MA)or 8100 (MS) per year for Master students,

RMB 8,500 CNY per year for Doctoral students.

Class C (25% tuition fees):

RMB 3,450 CNY (BA)or 3,650 CNY (BS) per year for Bachelor students,

RMB 3,850 CNY (MA) or 4050 CNY(MS) per year for Master students,

RMB 4,250 CNY per year for Doctoral students.



1. AGE:

Bachelor applicants: no more than 30 years old;

Master applicants: no more than 35 years old;

Doctor applicants: no more than 40 years old;

2. Good health;

3. Class A: GPA≥3.2 

Class B+: GPA≥3.2  

Class B: GPA≥3  

Class C: GPA≥2.8

(total GPA is 4)


*CUMT Scholarship is renewable annually, scholarship holders who have good daily performance, do not miss any class and pass all courses will be granted with the same scholarship continuously.


*No scholarship for language programs. Language program students who apply for spring entrance can enjoy exemption from accommodation fee. (only one semester) Language program students can apply for scholarship of major programs with their academic record OR with language program results.


*The students who have applied language program+major program and have been granted with scholarship, will get the scholarship after they finished all language programs, passed HSK test and met the entrance language requirements


*Scholarship holders who have got no less than 60% of required credits will be granted with the scholarship of one level below (excluding class C Scholarship holders) , while scholarship holders who have got less than 60% of required credits will not be granted with scholarships.